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Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

The biggest challenge I find working from home is not knowing where to find new customers. Word of mouth only goes so far – you give out business cards, you bring up cakes-conversations at every opportunity, you donate cakes left and right hoping to drum up new business and after all that, you still don’t have a steady stream of clients.

I also find that people don’t want to pay a fair price for what they’re getting. They don’t have a problem paying $5.00 for a slice of cake at a popular restaurant, but cringe at the thought of paying $75 for an entire cake made to their specifications. To give an example, I was asked to quote a price for a very siimple wedding cake that would feed 100 guests – the cake was going to be served at a reception given after the theatre play Mama Mia – However, I was told right off the bat that if the price was anywhere near $100 – they wouldn’t be able to pay that much. Helloooooo? I rest my case – LOL!!!