Reply Do you feel bad about saying you can't do a cake?

Roberta ...

Thank you so much for the reassurance. I saw my friend on Saturday & she has sorted it out with a local baker. It will be delivered on the Saturday for the blessing Sunday so that’s much better. At least I can sleep now without worrying! As I said, in fairness, she was cross with her husband for asking. I have said no to ‘friends’ who haven’t bothered to contact me for years but these are really good friends.

Still all sorted now so everyone is happy. :)

Crikey that was some ‘stitch up’ you had! I honestly don’t think people know how long cakes take. I’m only a hobby baker & usually give them as birthday/anniversary gifts in addition to their present but I’m sure they don’t appreciate the cost involved. You do it as a business so you would normally charge for your hours as well!

Thanks again for the support. :)