Reply Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh!

fishabel ...

I hear you girls… I’m in OZ so pricing may be different but I have a simple way of adding up fondant cake prices. 6"=$60 8= $80 10= $100. Buttercream $10 cheaper per tier. Then $50 per hour for any decoration. This covers stock and me. Piping that will take me half an hour, add $25. Figurine that will take me one and a half hours $75 and so on. Want the board iced?=$20.
So 6+8+10+iced board+fondant strips on sides of middle tier(1/2 hr) pretty simple cake=$285

Having said all that I have been know to do a quick 6" birthday cake for $45
We don’t work this hard and LONG for nothing. I could work up to 11pm making sure things are perfect. I love the wow factor when my customers see there cakes. It is their special occassion after all!