Reply Do you feel bad about saying you can't do a cake?

Vena Glendon ...

Wow perfect topic for me. I just had to turn dow a friend today who wanted me to do a wedding cake for October 6. Because she is a friend I would have tried to do it for her but she e-mailed me a photo of the cake she was looking for and it was a 3 tier topsy turvy cake with lots and lots of details and dark colors. She also wanted me to somehow include “Jagermister” in the flavoring. I had NO CLUE what Jagermister was. I had to go on line and found out it was some type of very strong very dark alcohol.

Felt really bad that I had to say no but 10 days is definitely not enough time for something that complicated.

I always do my best not to turn down customers and especially friends but some requests are just impossible. If they are good friends and repeat customers they will understand