Reply Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh!

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Hi Mividasweets
So I take a little different way for the prices. My prices are based by slice (ex 6" round cake = 12 guest) my price by slice start at $3 buttercream and $4 fondant.
The people don’t have ANY IDEA about how many hours we are expend in our kitchen or modeling the cakes.
So my advice for you is : 1) Allway keep your cost. 2) Determine your hour rate. 3) following my example: for a 6" round cake covered in fondant with a simple decoration (like a Happy Birthday) my price will be $ 48.
5) if a these cake add a modeled flower o some “angry bird” of course you need to add the charge for the hour to expended doing these. … I supose for Angry Bird 2 hours.

Cake 6" round coverd in fondant = 12 people x $4/slice
2 hours modeling angry bird = hour rate $12 × 2 = $24
You must add $24 + 48 = $72

The same is for cupcakes ….or cookies….

The people will be valoring your effort when you finish your job and they can see it… believe me…