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I struggle with this EVERYDAY. I compare pricing in my area and it differs so much. My struggle is that I’m fairly new and building a portfolio steadily. On one hand I know I’m priced too low for the work but on the other hand if I charge more, I won’t get the order at all. So it’s a catch 22.

I have a base price simply because I have basic kitchen rental that need to be covered first and foremost. People just aren’t used to custom cake prices. They expect the higher prices for a wedding but when they want a birthday cake for a 4 year old and they want 3 tiers decorated in a theme, they don’t realize that it actually take more time than a simple wedding cake and $200+ is just NOT what they want to spend a a kids birthday cake. I have to tell myself I’m worth it. If they could make a sculpted monkey out of sugar, they wouldn’t need to call me.

Meanwhile, I’m adjusting the prices to per slice for both buttercream and fondant for BASIC single tier cakes (stripes bows, easy borders, simple bows) and go up from there. Tiered cakes will be a slightly higher price per slice. I also don’t do “traditional” cakes, buttercream roses, “Happy Birthday Mom”. If they want that, I can’t complete with grocery stores and Costco. They can’t do the fondant and sculpted work. That’s what I’m here for.

Thanks for the advice caymancake and MiVidaSweets!