Reply Airbrushing cakes black?

Nikki Belleperche ...

Larissa, I believe Wilton only sells 2lb boxes of black and red fondant. I havent worked with their black or red fondant yet but I do use the white for all my cakes. But I would have to buy a lot of boxes for my wedding cake! and I only buy wilton fondant with a coupon from Michaels! So that would be a lot of trips lol. It’s a thought though.. I would have to do the math and see how much I might be able to save doing it that way.

There is a local cake shop I went to today that sells 10lb buckets of fondx in black and red for $50 a piece. Has anyone have any feedback on that brand? I have no worked with it and I wasn’t able to shell out the price for a 2lb tub to play with.

Still not sure what brand I will be going with but I know I wont be doing the airbrush idea for this cake. It is something I am still going to play with soon though! Thank you all for the advice and tips! You really are a big help!