Reply Negative feedback

CathyC ...

I know the feeling. I had one client give me feedback that the cupcakes I made her were too dry despite having found out later from the friend that referred her to me that she had left the cupcakes sitting outside for about 4hours.

However, I never had any more negative feedback from clients at least till this day and its been almost a year since this incident. Sometimes people just can’t be pleased, and like Paula mentioned some people just like to complain just so they don’t have to pay. What I don’t understand is her comment about the cake being “fully cooked.” Isn’t a cake suppose to be fully cooked? Did she want it runny in the middle?

My advice is to remember that you know the time, effort, and care you took in making the cake. You know whether its a A,B,C,D, or F effort. And if in your honest opinion it was an A effort then it was. At least thats how I see it. I’m a perfectionist and so when someone says anything negative about my creations, yes I take it to heart but I also remember (or at least now after some many tears) that I gave it my all and sometimes people just can’t be pleased.

Unfortunately as bakers we are never able to really taste the final creation so you may never know exactly what her complaint was but it was very courteous and professional for you to offer not only to make her another cake but to refund her the money.Every cake is an experience and this is just another one, just don’t beat yourself up about it.

These are just my two cents. :)

Keeping it sweet always!