Reply How to deal with bad/negative feedback?

Nikki Belleperche ...

You pick up, and you move on. Words can hurt but they can also help us grow as artists. Now you know how much you can handle in one weekend and you will be more careful when taking your orders. Even though it was a rough experience you learned from it, and when you look back on the situation remember THAT not any rude or negative comments.

I recently got a negative review on my Etsy page from a lady who was displeased with the size of the cookies she ordered from me. She wanted a $10 refund (over half of the total cost of the cookies, which would have left me with $8 for my supplies, time, and effort). I refused, knowing full well that she got a full quality product from me that was fresh, on time, and in perfect condition (she sent me pictures). But her nasty review and negative rating/comments twords me still burn into my very soul. But every time I start thinking about it I tell myself that even though I have had one displeased customer I have many more that were very pleased (with the very same product to boot!). And now when I make those cookies I am sure to make them just a tiny bit bigger just to keep those high expectations satisfied.

In a business where you are creating custom items for people and dealing with customers there are ALWAYS going to be rude people and negative people who will think its okay to be rude or trash your work. Its your job to tough it out, grow a thick skin, and hold on to those learning experiences where ever you can.