Reply Carpel Tunnel and piping.

Nikki Belleperche ...

Thank you so much for your feedback! Its nice to see that such beautiful work (and amazing piping!) can still be done with carpel tunnel. I have a bandage/wrap that I use on my wrist but only when I start to feel to pain (usually only when I work a lot) and then I sleep with it on for at least a day until the pain stops completely. And I do know what you mean by only filling your bag with a handful at a time. I have noticed a big difference in pain with a bag that is too full and one that is a good handful amount. I will have to be sure to be careful of that when filling, thank you! I use disposable piping bags because I havent had the money to splurge on some nice reusable ones yet. Do you think there is a difference? Grip wise maybe? that might effect the pain level as well?

Thankfully I have less pain when kneading fondant cause I already try to do it standing and use my body weight to kneed it instead of my wrists/arms. But if im sitting while kneading it definitely wears my wrists out pretty quick! I try to keep my fondant a little warm/soft to help with that.

Thank you again. Im hoping its these little tips that I can work into my habits to help keep my condition from getting any worse!