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Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

I have read the entire thread, I see both sides here and I don’t think any one is trying to set anyone up to fail here. Although I must say there was a cake or 2 That got Not only top 3 but also Got most viewed and some other titles that even by the admittance of the decorator could figure out how it happened. They knew it WAS NOT really a FABULOUS cake. There are always cakes even on CC that I don’t agree are that fantastic…but they make it to the tops spots.

I respect all of you and understand the frustration that some fabulous cakes don’t get the recognition they deserve. And it is a real shame!!! Not sure there is much you can do about people who have a big fan base though! =( I think all you can do for yourself is to try and build your fan base. But I agree with Corrie CC isn’t where I like to go for forums or help of any kind because they are Cake Nazis…But I still post there. There is very little feedback on that site. I find there is more of a (excuse me) snooty factor there when it comes to design and I find it hard to post my cake there at times. But I do and looks at others designs, I also stay off the forums..some are very unkind. I love it here mainly because of the willingness to help each other and encouraging remarks here.

I totally agree with Sweet Bee…I am not sure can say that cake is undeserving though…now that you said this I wonder if maybe my cakes should not have made it there…if there was a better cake that day. But just knowing that we all have a chance to get better and get into a top 3 slot here is exciting!!!! I know that is really not the case at CC. I get a lot of positive feedback and that spurs me on to try bigger and better things.

I do Like the Editor’s choice feature…It seems to bring attention to a beautiful cake that may not get the recognition it deserves!