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tortacouture ...

Hmmmmm I’d be inclined to respectfully disagree. Granted I ALWAYS want my customers to be happy and great feedback from them is paramount, however all that aside, cake muggles don’t know squat about cake decorating! lol. The feedback from my peers is (dare I say it) way more exciting to me. Cake muggles don’t understand the amount of time, sweat and tears that goes into making a cake, but my peers do. If I get a comment from one of my cake idols, giving me a ‘job well done’, it is THAT, that makes my day, because they can see all the tiny little details and realise the amount of time and effort that goes into doing those things.
Granted Cake Central is off my radar now and we all know why, but I way prefer the way they organise the top cakes, but once again, this is just my opinion and I understand that’s not the same for everyone. I don’t want Cakes Decor to become anything like Cake Central, but I don’t want it to be the complete antithesis either, I just personally would prefer the top cakes to be more fair and I don’t think it is just now.

Anyway I love a good debate, so no hard feelings to anyone :)