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Elena Z ...

@Michal – I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on the “Cakes” button at the top of the page, until just now. My go to is the homepage and what is trending and what is new. I will even just click on the giant CakesDecor at the top of the page to go to the homepage if I’m in a different area on the site.

I do agree that sometimes, the “Top 3” and sometimes even the “Top 15” are questionable to me but I factor, in my head, the time of day (here where I live and then around the world) amongst other things and since I, of course, do not know what algorithm you are using or what formula to get those numbers, I can’t say why they are there other than assume it is by most views in the previous 24 hour cycle. I’ve honestly even thought about waiting to post a cake till the following morning so that I had a better chance of it getting more exposure. I’m being honest. We ALL like to have our work recognized and appreciated. Some are obviously more talented than other and everyone, of course, deserves a chance at the top 3 but when you look at someone’s work that has made it there and look at your own, or that of someone else’s, that you can honestly say, without prejudice, is much better and was posted at the same time, you start to wonder if it’s just because ppl might be following this caker and get the emails or notifications that they’ve posted something new and go directly to it or maybe it’s something else. I don’t know and I’m honestly not trying to sound whiney about it. My own creations are amateur at best and I haven’t reached the Top 3 yet because I haven’t done anything worthy of it……yet! I know that but there are plenty of others who have created wonderful pcs of artwork that haven’t gotten anywhere near the top 15 who, in my eyes, should have!
Again, just my 2 cents, for whatever they’re worth.

Thanks again to TortaCouture for bringing this subject up and Michal for answering with great responses!