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Michal Bulla ...

Thanks for your opinions. Here is my response:


1. “I don’t think it [number of views] has ANY bearing on how good a cake is at all.”
I don’t agree here with you. If a cake is beautiful or there is something special on it, people use to share it on their pages (facebook, twitter, pinterest … etc.) and the number of views grows. If they take the time to share it, they must find the cake quite special.

2. “There are members who have huge followings on Facebook … they are more likely to appear in the top 3.”
It’s true, but this is how it works everywhere. Don’t you think that fans could favorite their cakes as well? Then we could say that it’s not fair, because they have more fans.

3. “To me it then becomes more of a competition than an honest representation of what is actually good.”
Daily Top 15 is just a way to reward the special cakes posted in the last 24 hours. And yes, special equals popular here. There are no prizes here and there is no jury here.

And one last thing for all, don’t assume that what’s good for you is good for everybody else.

@EZSweetShop: Don’t forget that there is large “CAKES” button on the top of the page that points to the latest cakes directly. Just for your interest: around 70% of all Visits goes to Cakes page. Only 30% goes to all other pages. So most people don’t miss it.

@SarahBeth: You are right, number of views bear a much lower amount of importance than the other ingredients and we’re constantly reevaluating the amount of importance of each piece in the rating puzzle.