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Mud Cake

diamond wedding cake tier separator tutorial (video)

Hi all, Here’s a vid I filmed while making my latest wedding cake. You can see more pics and details of the experience (and disasters!) at my blog. I also put a more detailed explanation of what I used and some tips there. The link is...

Wedding peacock

Sharing some pictures of the peacock.. he is made from fondant and wafer paper.. I also added gems so he would sparkle … The pictures are not that great , but it lets you see how I made him.. the tail is a separate piece that was attached...

Gelatine Shards for Frozen style cakes

I was playing around with gelatine following Kara’s sequin tutorial when I had the idea to make the shards for a frozen cake from gelatine. Worked really well. Cheaper than isomalt and less messy than melting clear mints! Hope it helps someone :)

Buildup/ Progress photos of Poker King cake

I have some progress pics of the buildup of my Poker King cake which I thought may be of interest. Hope they are of help to someone!! The King is full cake, face is modelling choc, the rest fondant. Hand painted and airbrushed :D ...

Disney Frozen Cake toppers! #2: Disneys Frozen Anna cake topper model! :)

Hi everyone, people have been asking me to make this cake topper for so long I decided to give in and make it as a little Christmas gift to you guys. All I ask is that you share the video on facebook and with your friends so that I can carry on...

Fondant Lego Darth Vader video tutorial

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Witch of the east face tutorial

How to make a 3D standing Lorax cake tutorial

So, I’m no expert, I mostly make things up as I go along, but here’s how I made my lorax cake… I hope it helps someone and maybe give you the confidence to have a go at a standing cake if you haven’t yet, as this was my first. I used steel...

Wooden cake board effect tutorial video

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