Duygu Tugcu

🖤Kitchen Artist from Turkey
🖤Pastry Instructor Chef
🖤Gives sugarpaste courses in Turkey and all around the world
🖤Gives seminars all around Turkey
🖤TAFED National Culinary Team Captain
🖤Pastry Instructor Chef at Istanbul Aydin University
🖤Gastronomy Association-Board of Members VicePresident
🖤Tv Programmer
.Lives in a Fantasy World.
💀Loves making Gothic stuff,3D Cakes
⭐️instagram: www.instagram.com/chefduygutugcu
⭐️Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/chefduygutugcu
⭐️Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/DuyguTugcuchef
E-mail: chefduygutugcu@gmail.com



Duygu Tugcu ...

Let them eat CAKE!

Calli Creations ...

Welcome to Cakes Decor!! Wow, I LOVE your creations… stunning edible art!! Very talented artist