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Falling Leaves Effect

For my Festival of Lights collaboration cake, I did an effect of falling leaves. This is a simple way of how I achieved that. Regards Candace.

Beer Can Pouring

Baby Gown Tutorial

I had to make Christening Gown cookies recently and I did not have a Baby Gown cutter (I have the more adult version that does not work here) but I did have a Bell cutter which I used and here’s how:

Men shoe cake tutorial by Gulnaz Mitchell

I made this cake for my husband’s birthday. I used my traditional Russian Honey cake recipe which is my husband’s favourite cake. But you can use any other cake recipe (except for carrot cake because it will be too crumbly). First, I...

How I go about making a 3D car cake. By Paul Delaney

firstly I appologise for the messy work bench and poor quality photographs taken with my phone,but I had a lot happening when I made this. 1. reference material used. 2.Cut slab cake to rough shape 3.Place cardboard template against cake...

Royal icing #1: Easter cookie box

Hope you like it! :) You can go to my page for more photos Cut: 2 pieces of 9cmx11cm, 2 pieces of 9cmx 7,5cm and 1 piece of 12,5cmx 12,5cm

Lilly Of The Valley Tutorial

Lilly of the Valley Make a beautiful Filler flower and also makes a beautiful spray Please check out my facebook...

Cake Boards #1: York Stone Effect

I received a lot of interest in this cake board for my latest cake which had a boot on it and so have put together a few pictures I took during the process. 1. Roll out fondant onto board. Mix the fondant to the lightest shade of the stone...

Tutorial #8: Making Mould and Embossing with Wood Flourishes

So …. I am back from Holiday down the coast of NSW. On my trip I visited a scrapbook shop call Amanda’s of Mogo. And I saw this beautiful Wood Florishes. Spotlight have them too and they are very cheap. ;) Around $3.00 each. Cool right ??? And...

My Favorite Carrot Cake

My Favorite Carrot Cake (Featuring Cream Cheese Icing and Pecans) This cake is super moist and so easy to make! I can make this recipe and have a perfectly finished cake and a spotless kitchen in 90 minutes!! Feel free to substitute...