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Properly stacking tiers

Hi, I have just joined as a member, however, I have enjoyed helpful posts here for a long time. I need help with stacking tiers properly. I have used straws, which doesnt seem to be too sturdy to me unless I use a large amount of them. I don’t...

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How To Keep Foil Cupcake Liners from Separating!!!

I always have trouble with the foil muffin cups. The white paper & the foil always separate. On S aturday 9/9/12, I have an order that will require me to use these. I need help. Fast! 1. Is there some way to prevent this? 2. If not, can I...

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Uploading Pictures.

Help!!! I am frustrated with trying to upload images. I keep getting a message that they are unable to be uploaded do to the wrong format. I edited all the pictures and saved in a .jpeg format, but they still won’t load. Can someone please help me.