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Wafer paper flowers

Ok so i admit i hate making sugar flowers, mainly because ive the patience of a flea, so this has to be my new favourite thing! I’ve done a quick tutorial, these literally took me less than an hour to make!

Lion Topper Tutorial

Hi! I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful! :) xoxoxo http://www.crumbavenue.com :)

Vinyl record disco cupcake toppers!

How to make mini vinyl record cupcake toppers :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Aquafaba swiss meringue buttercream - also egg free meringue, imbc, macaron...

Hi all! This is a recipe I’ve used twice now to make smbc without eggs- its the smbc recipe I promised you in the writeup to my book cake posted yesterday. Aquafaba is the water you get from a can of chickpeas/ garbanzo beans, or after boiling...

Realistic Tricot or Knitted Cake Video Tutorial

In this video I show you how I made the knitted cake tier on this cake for my mom’s birthday. http://wp.me/azqkp-cb For more information or if the link doesn’t work (it seems to not be working, I’m new to this site so please forgive me)...

How to make hands

Just a little tutorial I hope you like it! ^^ My other works: FB: https://www.facebook.com/www.NiciSugarLab.it website: www.nicisugarlab.it

Puppy tutorial

http://www.crumbavenue.com :)

Little Mouse Tutorial

Hi! I had so much fun making this little guy! :) http://www.crumbavenue.com :)

EASY Wafer Pape Spider Chrysanthemum

OK, ready for a super simple flower? Easy and pretty and just 6 steps! Items needed-Wafer paper, Chive scissors (or normal ones just takes longer), water, paint brush, stamen, floral tape, curling iron and wire. 1. Cut paper in 3 pieces long...

Tool Review-Curling Iron

I have a curling iron that is dedicated to just my Wafer Paper. The heat causes the paper to curl where you need it. Its perfect for making fringe, curled petals, spindles for ribbons or what ever project you need it for. The plus side to using...