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How to Make an INSTANT PORTABLE FRIDGE for Cake Deliveries

Cake disaster stories are usually because of impact, temperature, humidity etc. In this tutorial, I show you how you can at least, overcome the temperature problem. I show you how you can make an instant cake fridge to deliver your cakes in hot...

How To Make The Brave Obelix Cake

Full FREE step-by-step tutorial for this cake available on my website : https://www.sylwiasobiegrajcakes.com/the-brave-obelix-cake Sylwia Sobiegraj https://www.facebook.com/SylwiaSobiegrajTheCakeDesigner/

How to make Quick, Easy and Realistic FONDANT ROSES Tutorial

Serdar’s quick and easy way to make realistic fondant roses for cake decorating. New tutorial every Tuesday! – https://www.youtube.com/yenersway

My easy way to make candy rocks

Supplies: candies, food powder colors, brush(s), one glass (or a hammer, if you want, but I think it has a too little area to use), a plastic bag. Put the candies into the plastic bag, close it strongly and crush them, hitting with the...

Kawaii Ice Cream Cake Tutorial

Full FREE step-by-step tutorial available on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e6_uhVJ1Xw

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #4: Cold Porcelain Recipe

This recipe is’t mine, but it pretty much reflects most of what’s out there for basic Cold Porcelain. I did my own vid as I wanted to try out easy to find UK ingredients and add ‘troubleshooting’ bit at the end. The result is consistent and CP...

Decoration, figures, flowers #6: Little teddy bear

Sugar Flowers #8: How to Make Rosebud: Gumpaste or Cold Porcelain

Hiya , I have a new tutorial, this Rosebud is very detailed, and it’s a long video, so some might find it a bit too much, but if you like detailed flowers, I hope you’ll like it. The tutorial is in Cold Porcelain, as may people had asked, but I...

Luxurious chocolate icing (hybrid)

I’ve created a wonderfully delicious dark chocolate icing… I’m a night owl and do some of my best thinking at night, after everyone else is asleep. It’s both a blessing and a cursing, really. Sometimes, my body fights desperately with my...

Bulldog Cake Tutorial

Meet Biff The Bulldog!! 😊🐶 FREE step-by-step video tutorial for this cake available on my YouTube Channel: