Cosmos flower tutorial

Supply list: Wires – 24, 26 and 33 gauge, Nile green floral tape, Bumpy foam, Foam pad, Flat brushes for dusting, Pollen mix (petal dust and corn flour mix), Petal dusts (for this project I use Magenta and Geranium from CK), A bunch...

Sugar Quilling Technique- favorite technique challenge +tutorial


How to make Piping Gel

I found this recipe on Facebook, which will allow you to make piping gel for pennies on the dollar! Piping gel Yields 1/2-cup Ingredients: • 1/4-cup cold water • 1/4-cup corn starch • 1/2-cup light corn syrup • 1 tsp clear flavor extract...

Sugar Ruffles

This short video shows how I made sugar ruffles. I used 400g of Sugar Florist Paste to cover a 9" cake.

Knitted Heart Tutorial

This is an easy step by step tutorial of making the knitted heart from my favorite wedding cake. 1/ tools needed: cream and brown coloured sugar paste CMC powder (carboxymethylcellulose) edible glue extruder silicone mould putty (which...

TUTORIAL - Simple Swags by The Violet Cake Shop

This is a quick tutorial for simple swags as seen on my Modern Steampunk Hat cake that was featured in Cake Masters magazine (November issue)… Not sure if anyone else has ever done swags this way before as I have not seen it done quite the...

How to make rose with no special tools (circle cutter and spoon).

Hello every one this tutorial how to make rose with a circle cutter and spoon, so any one can make it with out buying tools. Thank you for watching!

Simple ANEMONE with Simple Tools (Gumpaste or Fondant)

I was asked by quite a few how I made the simple anemone featured on my Simple Black & White Polka Dot cake (see last photo) and realized I could not find any picture tutorials for anything similar to how I made mine to direct them to. There...

Sugarpaste Tutorials #1: 15 easy steps on how to make cute baby girl shoes

How To Get Smooth Butter Cream that Stands up to Heat and Humidity

I have be decorating cakes for 3 months shy of two years now and have had many challenges decorating cakes in a climate that is always hot and humid. My little cake studio is just off of my office and I run the AC at about 77F to 80F (...