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I have been searching this site for information on copyright, it seems there are very few responses to posts on this topic! What I am really struggling with is it seems that so many cake companies are making Disney/Marvel/other character themed...

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Black fondant

Hi, I am going to be doing a cake with a black tier and a silver tier. I worry about the taste of ready made fondant but don’t have time to make my own. Can anyone suggest a nice tasting black fondant? I’m also tempted to airbrush black but...

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Invicta cake tins

Hi, I have found a good deal on a set of Invicta cake tins. I wondered what people thought if them and if you experienced any problems getting the larger cakes out of a solid bottom? Such as 11" upwards? Thanks for your help xx

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Modelling faces

Hi, I’d really like to get better at modelling people and especially their faces. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good tutorials- could Google but end up with so many I don’t know where to start and would rather have ‘tried and...