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Location: Toledo,oh
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IM a mother to four wonderful children. One daughter who is on her second baby with her daughter being just 8 months old. She's due 3 says after her daughter turns 1. I watch my granddaughter 5 says a week ten hours a day. On roof there active wild boys age my dayss 14, 12, and 11 my says are busy and I don't find much me time. I love cooking,baking,arts,and music. U can often find me dancing to my own best with baby on him and juggling school lunches. IM Indian and German so my meals vary greatly IM married to a wonderful man of 21 years who's polish and Aries, what a trip he can be. Looking for tips on using fondue I've never used it before and want to make my granddaughters first birthday cake!!! Nice to meet everyone.

indigo"ivana flick