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3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

A free full length tutorial by Chef Serdar Yener on how to make a 3D Emmet Cake from Lego Movie. Downloadable course material available at the following link…

Easy (lazy!) Cake Bunting

I like to make life easy whenever possible and when I needed to make bunting for a cake this seemed the best option. Hope it helps someone :)

Picture Frame Board #1: Sweet Art - Picture Frame Board and Hanging Cake

I saw a cake posted earlier this year by “The Sweet Life by Julie”. It caught my attention immediately because it was a white picture frame with a hanging cake covered in red poppies. You know how sometimes you see something and you instantly...

Little Lamb modelling tutorial

Use fondant/gumpaste throughout 1. Shape large teardrop of white 2. Shape 1 long and 2 shorter pink legs 3. Use tool to mark leg and feet lines 4. Adhere legs to body 5. Using extruder, create long thin white ‘spaghetti’ and roll these...

Easter Chicken Tutorial

Hi all! I would like to share a quick and easy tutorial with you all Happy Easter!!! (“._.”) You can find the whole tutorial on my facebook page: Thank you :) Karla

Cake Toppers #1: Tiffany inspired Jewelled Broach & Bow Cake topper

Tiffany inspired Jewelled Broach Tutorial

CakesDecor Theme: Easter Cakes

We have so many amazing Easter themed cakes on CakesDecor! I have seen some very unique designs this week from two brand new Easter collaborations, they both showcase some truly incredible designs!! – Take a look at the full colection on their...

My CakesDecor Story - New Chapter.... How about you?

March 30, 2015 Hello CakesDecor Family! I missed you all and I missed everything in CD. It’s been a long time since my last logged in, since my last post and since my last comment to someone’s creation…..I been very busy with my Family,...

Cupcake Toppers #1: Peacock Feather Tutorial with homemade cutters

Peacock Feather Tutorial with homemade cutters

My cake studio (kitchen tour)

Welcome to my kitchen tour. I don’t have a dedicated room, so I make my cakes in my kitchen. It is spacious and it has one side which has nothing but top-to-bottom windows, so I’ve got a lot of daylight. I must admit, it is a luxury...