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David Austin Rose my way (Easy, Quick and inexpensive, using mostly 2 round cutters)

For complete PDF copy of my tutorial go to my facebook page . Thank you

How To Make a Lollipop Decoration.

This is another an easy decoration that can add some fun to your cake. First, roll two strips of different colour fondant. Twist strips together like shown on the picture below. Roll into a circle and put a little bit of edible...

How To Make An Easy Pompom Flower

This is such an easy flower to make. Excellent quick decorations for a last minute cake orders when a client wants just a nice simple cake. Roll your fonfant and cut circles by using a circle cutter. The size of the cutter will depend of how...

The Tree tutorial.

I was searching the internet for the tree tutorial, but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to do it based on my own method. It is such an easy tutorial! I used a kebab stick brushed with edible glue for the tree trunk. I also used a PME veining...

Men shoe cake tutorial by Gulnaz Mitchell

I made this cake for my husband’s birthday. I used my traditional Russian Honey cake recipe which is my husband’s favourite cake. But you can use any other cake recipe (except for carrot cake because it will be too crumbly). First, I...