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Dolce come una caramella


Dolce come una caramella

Hello everyone! My name is Serena, I’m 35 years old, married, I have three...

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The Floury

Hi everyone! I’m Maureen from The Floury. I’m relatively new to this, and...

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Sweet Alchemy Amsterdam


Sweet Alchemy Amsterdam

I adore good food, I like cooking, it’s a pleasure to see a friend smiling...

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Cynthia - Not Too Sweet Bakery


New to Cakes Decor!

Hi everyone! I am new to cakes decor and I am the owner of Not Too Sweet...

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Your first cake and your last cake :-)

I really don’t now of there is a topic about this! But i think it is fun...

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Sugar&Spice by NA


Wedding cakeboard

I do have another question, I usually use a foam cake board to support the ...

434 views, 11 1 by Sugar&Spice by NA

Sugar&Spice by NA


Stacking a wedding cake

Please I have a question: Usually if I have a 3/4 tiered cake, I put dowels...

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Vivek Patel


Help Me in Cake Selection

Hi everyone I would like to make cake for my friend’s birthday Which one ...

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Hello all, just found this site and forum…dont know how i missed it before!...

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Cake pop and fondant question/help

Wondering if anyone can help me out with this….I made some cake pop mini...

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Making Buttercream Red

I have been baking and cake decorating for about two three years and the one...

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Butter Cookies

I am looking for a recipe for the good old fashion butter cookies that they...

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sticky fondant

Help!! I am having problems with covering my cakes with fondant as after I...

955 views, 16 13 by Michal Bulla

Michal Bulla


How to Cut a Cake and Keep It Fresh

I’m not sure If this kind of cutting a cake is a well known in cake...

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Lina (Sweetlin)

Hi everybody, my name is Linasari, but everybody call me Lin. I’m...

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Portrait of a man in the process

Guess what this is going to be??

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Tips for using Airbrush

I´ve just bought Cassie Brown´s Airbrush and I never used one. Can anyone...

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Cake Tutorial Event AKA FNQ CAKE SHARE

~Do you have a tutorial/video you have made or found ?Please share and let’s...

245 views, 6 1 by Nom Nom Sweeties

Nom Nom Sweeties


Best Airbrush?

I’m looking into buying an airbrush! So, I want to know what one you have,...

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Rita's Cakes


Walking dead Help!!How to paint on a chocolate mold??

I have this walking dead zombie mold. I’m going to use almond bark so it...