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Checkboard pattern around cake

I would like to make a checkerboard pattern around a 8" cake, similar to...

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Beer Bucket Cake

Hi can anyone help me please im making a bucket cake with a bottle of beer...

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Stacking a ganache covered cake

Hi. I am making a 3 tiered mud cake for my friends birthday. It will be...

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Traveling cupcakes?

I am curious if anyone has ever shipped cupcakes? I want to send my friend...

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Jenny Gracia


Lapis Legit Cake recipe and TLC_SEAsia contest

Hi all, Recently I participating a contest held by TLC channel for...

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does anyone make their own modelling chocolate?

Would you recommend making it or buying ready made? I’m fairly new to...

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How much to charge?

Hi, Im new to the cake business…how much would you charge for a Pigs in the...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes


Checkerboard pattern for cake in fondant

I’ve been asked to make a Lightning McQueen cake. The client wants the...

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shoe cake

Does anyone know of a tutorial for a ladies high heel shoe cake not fondant....

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Michelle Amore Cakes


Piping Tip?

Is anyone please able to tell me what tip has been used on these cupcake….....

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Inserting wired Sugar flowers in cake

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to cake decorating and I desperately need...

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What type of Fondant do you use?

I’m wondering what type of fondant everyone uses. More orders are coming in...

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Kendra Hicks


Design Dilemma on Mehndi Pattern

Hey, guys. I have a design dilemma and I would appreciate your advice....

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Sugaredproductions website

How many of you have checked out Sharon Zambito’s new website? The name of...

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Fondant petals on a buttercream cake?

I have a request for this cake for an upcoming wedding ~ only she insists it...

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Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes


Male decorators head count

Hi, I am just curious to know out of the thousands of people using this site...

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Help with precise division, Buttercream colors

I’m making a science beaker cake (the upside-down triangular shape) and want...

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Sharon Young


Royal Icing or Fondant

I have been making cakes for over 30 years.. and way back then it was very...

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How to use JEM butterfly cutter set

How do you use JEM butterfly cutters? I have seen people make beautiful lace...

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Fondant Recipe That Doesn't Crack

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around the community for a while and I...