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How do you feel???

How do you all feel when your friends and family go to different places to...

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Permit approved today..

I went on monday got a call today and I was given my permit number and said...

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RIP to my oven-Please help

Hi Everyone, my LG electric oven range has decided to short circuit on me...

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Emine Pazan


How to airplane cake (urgent)

Hi I need to make this cake. They want strawberry flavour. Which...

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Unable to upload more then one photo

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with uploading photos. I have...

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Emine Pazan


Best 3D carving cake recipes?

Hi, What is your favorite cake recipe for making 3D cakes? I heard of...

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Take The Cake


Newbie Helloooo Everyone!!!

Hello everyone, I am just new to Cakes Decor, although I have been here and...

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BellaCakes & Confections


Can one Cake have to many themes?

Hi everyone looking for some advice one an upcoming cake design. I have been...

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Cindy White


Castle cakes

I am getting ready to build a castle cake for my grand daughters 4th b day....

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New to Cakes Decor

Hello ~ I’m new to the site. Looking forward to seeing members’ creations!...

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Emine Pazan


Help needed how to make princess figurines

Hi, I have a foundation where I make cakes for children who are in need of...

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I’ve been asked to make a Cher-themed cake. Trouble enough…but then..they...

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Help with big order

Hi all, I’ve been asked to get a display stand at a brunch to raise money...

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Emine Pazan


Urgent: searching for the perfect macaron recipe

Hi, I tried a lot of recepies but nothing works. I see amazing macarons...

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Please check out my new fondant blog!

Hello everyone. I am new here (obviously). I wanted to invite everyone to...

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Isomolt mold help

I am needing to make a modelf a grey goose vodka bottle for an upcoming...

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Hello, newbie here

Hi I just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to looking at your...

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Natasha Thomas


On the hunt for a vanilla cake for keeps :)

Hi all Can I please ask a bit of a boring question (sorry!!)? I’m trying...

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latte glass cake

Hi all Decorators Help needed, I have been asked to make a latte cake in...

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Help Please - Liability Insurance Advice

Hello I am just starting up my own part time cupcake business, hoping to...