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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn


Shereen of Shereen's Cakes and Bakes launches her first book!

Woohoo! Lovely Shereen of Shereen’s Cakes and Bakes just had her first book...

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Cake filling ..?..slippery

Ok when you make fresh raspberry or Leon or banana curd they are so slippery...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop


Lustre Dusting a Cake

Hi, I put my Lustre Dusted cake in the fridge overnight and of course it...

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My First Wedding Cake

My cousin asked that I do a wedding cake for her friend who is getting...

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Sugar Baby Cake Company


Do I bring a gift?

If I am the cake decorator and I am invited to the wedding, do I bring a...

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I need Your Help Please

I need your help asap. Please see the link below: ...

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Emily Herrington



OK, so I’m journeying into a totally new area here…. I’m making a cake for a...

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WASC Recipe with Rum?

I’m baking a rum cake tonight using the WASC recipe. Do I substitute the 1...

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first wedding cake help

Hi everyone, for years my husband and i have made all our own special...

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Michelle Keel


Lactose free spread

Hi, I have been asked to make some lactose free cupcakes, and as they are...

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Anybody have a milk chocolate cake recipe

Not dark chocolate but something lighter, moist and dense . I have one for...

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Karen de Perez



Hello!! I need to know which fondant do you think is the best? I always use...

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18 wheeler cake

Hi fellow bakers, i have a question for you.. Can anyone tell what pans i...

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Heart shaped board doesn't fit heart shaped cake??!!! Help!

Hi Everyone, I baked a 12" fruit cake 3 months ago for a wedding which is...

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Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila


Sugar craft school/course in Bangkok or Hua Hin?

Hi, I’m going to Thailand for 2 weeks (juin/july) and want to know if there...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn


Eeeek!!! Tracey Rothwell featured on MTV Geek!!!

In May fabulous Tracey Rothwell, owner of Little Cherry Cake Company was...

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Michal Bulla


Best Cake Decorating Website!?

I just wanted to see If there are any charts or lists of best cake...

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HELP – STACKED CAKE BOXES!!! has anyone got any idea where you can get boxes...

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Emily Herrington


Who is the best edible photo vendor?

I need to order an edible photo. Who has the best quality of all of them out...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn


Can we show George Lucas THE most amazing R2D2 cake ever made?

This is sort of a prediction of 15 minutes of Fame ;) Without a doubt,...