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Red velvet cake

Hi I am stuck, again. I have now been asked to make the top tier of a weding...

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Chocolate whipped cream

Hi everyone, I have two questions. Does chocolate whipped cream frosting...

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Inspired by Cake - Vanessa


Help out an Aussie Tourist in the UK

Hi All, I have just checked the calendar and in a little over two weeks I...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn


Tracey of Little Cherry Cake Co Wins Gold at CI!

Congratulations to our fabulous CakesDecor member Tracey Rothwell of the...

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Please help, fruit cake !!

Hi does anyone have a really good fruit cake recipe please? . I need asap, I...

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raffaella moccia



I love flowers so I try to imitate them in gum paste, I...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


The Big Cake Show!

Hello Is anyone going to this event starting this Friday in Exeter (UK), and...

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My Cake Design : La Battaglia Dello Zucchero

Last time me and my friend Denis were selected to participate in the Real...

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Michelle Keel


Help with butterflies

Hi everyone, I would like to be able to make these butterflies. I think...

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An organization that is engaged in making cakes for children in palliative institutions

I happened on one of the profiles of members saw the message for an...

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fondant sheeter

I’m considering purchasing a 30" wide fondant sheeter. Has anyone used one?...

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Anyone have a Ghirardelli melting wafers modeling chocolate recipe?

Has anyone had any success in making modeling chocolate with the ghirardelli...

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Prima Cakes Plus


National Capital Area Cake Show

So the NCACS is next weekend and I was wondering if there was anyone out...

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Help Please!! Need advice on a wedding cake!

I have a client who saw a cake that was done with pearls in a wavy design on...

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Karen Flude


Icing a Damask pattern

Hello my lovely cake friends xx I’ve been asked to make a Black on Ivory...

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Why i only see the Editor's Choice cakes .......

Hi Michal Bulla why i only see the Editor’s Choice cakes 3 days later? Is...

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Bebe's Bakery



Hi we’re bebe’s bakery Advice needed we are looking into getting our cakes...

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Mother's Day Cake Decorating

Hello, please have a look at my Mother’s Day Cake Decorating where I made 2...

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Prima Cakes Plus


Making a cake in a compressed timeframe

So I usually take 3 days to make a cake. I bake on day one, ganache on day...

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Baby cakes by amber


Plz help emergency

This is a baby shower cak doing and it looks to plain they wNted it to be...