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Sarah tosney

Hello from Sarah @ cakesbysarahtosney tosney , mum of 6 beautiful children...

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Searching for a decent turntable!

Right, I’m so cheesed off with my turntable, it is near impossible to get a...

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Looking for carousel horse silicone mold

Hi everyone, this days my husband is visiting Manhattan NY. Does anybody...

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Znique Creations


Introduction Znique Creations

Hello everybody, it has been so nice to learn more about fellow cake...

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Delicut Cakes


Hi, we're Delicut Cakes

We are two sisters, Adele and Andrea, who despite the 10-year age gap, get...

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Indecisive customers!

Good evening fellow cakers! I’m just wondering about common cake designing...

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Handbag handles.

Yes it is that time for me to make my first handbag cake. Can anyone give me...

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Sweet Foxylicious


Foxylicious Cakes by Zoe Fox

Hi everyone! I am Zoe Fox hence the name Foxylicious Cakes! I am a mum...

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Mira - Mirabella Desserts


Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Hi everyone, my name is Mira. I don’t know that I have an interesting story...

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First time business owner in need of cupcake boxes!!

First time business owner in need of cupcake boxes!! Im about to start my...

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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)


best white choc u.k?

Hi everyone, im hoping to make a white choc ganache tier on a cake and...

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mariagrazia tota


Hi, I'm Mariagrazia

I am in Mariagrazia. I have always loved the dexterity … painting, sewing …...

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Cakes by Janice


Cakes by Janice says Hello to everyone!

Hello to all! My name is Janice from NJ, USA. I have been a CD member since...

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The Ivory Owl Cake Company


Hi from the Ivory Owl Cake Company!

Hi I am fairly new to Cakes Decor but am loving it so far! I set up my...

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Kendra Hicks


Advice Needed on Cake Replica of a Building

Recently, I’ve been presented with the biggest and most challenging...

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Sweet ObsesShan


Shannon (Sweet ObsesShan)

Hi Everyone, I am a mom of 5 children ages 28, 25, 20,15, and 14. One girl...

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Julz Pilkington


Nice to meet you all! I'm Jewelz

Hi everyone, My name is Julz. I am 37 and live in New Zealand right down the...

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Rocket Cakes, Hi i am Miranda

Hi, I love this idea of introduce yourself. I am pretty new to cake...

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Karen Flude


Have you ever thought...........??

I’ve been making cakes for quite a while now……..but today for the first time...

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Mandy's Sugarcraft


Mandy's Sugarcraft

Hi, my name is Mandy and I love all things sugarcraft – fantastic mediums to...