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Que's Cakes

how can i achieve this please

hi guys Ive seen this cake and has fell in love with it there is no...

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How to Stack 2 gift box cakes with open lids

I have been asked to make a 3 tier gift box cake. But the bride wants the...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Air Brush Systems

Hi, bakers, I’m sure this question has been asked before – probably many...

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Nikki Belleperche

Ordering Satin Ice Online

I have a big wedding cake coming up that is going to be covered in all red...

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Kendra Hicks

Classic Car Cake Pricing??

I’ve been commissioned to build a cake replica of a classic car for a man’s...

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Mickey mouse

Any one know of a tutorial for a gumpaste mickey mouse?

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Fondant in the Refrigerator

Has anyone had a problem with condensation when putting their Fondant Cakes...

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KopyKake: Who uses them and what do you use them for?

I am looking into purchasing a KopyKake projector. I am a beginner at cake...

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What Happenned To My Cake?

This is the first time baking this chocolate fruitcake (or any...

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Michelle Amore Cakes

"Blending" fondant

Hi, I am trying and make this Mickey Mouse figurine by Torte in...

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Yesterday I got into this pinterest thing and linked up to a lot and lot of...

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Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

Let's talk Mixers: whatcha got, whatcha love, whatcha hate?

I’ll start. I’ve burned out my second Kitchen Aid in less then a year. My...

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Looking for.......

Several months ago I saw several pictures of some cupcake cakes (pull apart...

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BellaCakes & Confections

Egg Free, Dairy Free Vanilla Cake Recipe! Help!?!

I have been asked to do an egg free dairy free cake for a little girls...

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Cake mix vs. Cake from scratch

I realized that a lot of people use cake mixes versus making the cake from...

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Vegan baking

Hi fellow cakers! I’ve had a recent request to make vegan pastries. Can...

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marzipan for 6 large battenbergs

*how much marzipan will i need to cover *six 6″×12″ battenberg wedding...

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Shirley Park

Nut free Sugar paste ?

Hi, I’ve been asked to do a cake for a young boy who has a bad nut allergy...

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Maria Davis

Carrots turning green in carrot cakes!

I have only baked less than a dozen carrot cakes over the past 2 years. The...

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Negative feedback

Has any of you ever received a negative feedback about your work? If so how...