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Anyone have a Ghirardelli melting wafers modeling chocolate recipe?

Has anyone had any success in making modeling chocolate with the ghirardelli melting wafers? I buy the big bag (they have white and dark) at Sam’s Club meant for dipping/coating things. They remind me of the Wilton candy melts but taste SO much...

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

National Capital Area Cake Show

So the NCACS is next weekend and I was wondering if there was anyone out there in CakesDecor land that is heading there. I know Toni of White Crafty Cakes is going. I think it would be great if we could all meet if possible.

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Help Please!! Need advice on a wedding cake!

I have a client who saw a cake that was done with pearls in a wavy design on all three tiers, but she wants to use diamonds instead. Any suggestions?? Please help!! Thanks Happy Cakes!! :D

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Karen Flude

Icing a Damask pattern

Hello my lovely cake friends xx I’ve been asked to make a Black on Ivory Damask cake. I’ve been let down with black fondant changing colour, and don’t want the same problem with icing. This will be my first attempt at using a cake template, so...

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Why i only see the Editor's Choice cakes .......

Hi Michal Bulla why i only see the Editor’s Choice cakes 3 days later? Is any thing i shall do to sort this problem? The last Editor’s Choice cakes i can see is Alina Vaganova cake. Thank you Susana

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Bebe's Bakery


Hi we’re bebe’s bakery Advice needed we are looking into getting our cakes and bakes,recipes published in food and cake magazines,any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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Mother's Day Cake Decorating

Hello, please have a look at my Mother’s Day Cake Decorating where I made 2 victoria sponge cakes and decorated them with fondant, one in blue and one in pink. I tried out some new techniques which worked well.

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Prima Cakes Plus - Jennifer

Making a cake in a compressed timeframe

So I usually take 3 days to make a cake. I bake on day one, ganache on day 2, cover and decorate on day 3. I have to do a cake for the end of the month where I only have 1 day to make it. Has anyone had any problems with making a cake from...

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Baby cakes by amber

Plz help emergency

This is a baby shower cak doing and it looks to plain they wNted it to be camo fondant what can I do to make it not look so plain

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What tip is this?

can anyone tell me what tip this is? Thanks… Ansa

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Internal cake support/ structure

Hi there , I am looking for sone information on cake support / structure. I would like to make a staondind 3-d Olaf cake for my daughters birthday. I have only ever made 2 tier cakes that require support. I am not sure wbere to begin?.. ? Any...

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Help please

I want to attempt to make a Doc cake topper from Doc Mcstuffins for my 3 and 1 year old birthday party on the 15th, but I am unsure as to where to begin. How do I get the body and head to stay attached? If anyone has any tips I would greatly...

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Royal Icing Panels help

Hi! I’m asking for help since i will be getting mareied soon and i dream of making my own cake. For starters i thought of covering the cakes with 2 or 3 layers of milk chocolate ganache until i get a nice coverage. After i want to cover the sides...

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Baby cakes by amber

How to make birds nest cake topper

I’m making a baby shower cake ad they want a birds nest cake topper now my question is should it be edible if so wut would I use and if it shouldn’t wut would I use plz help me on this

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baby shower cake

I am helping with my daughters baby shower, since I am the “baker” of the group, and so-so skilled at decorating cakes, I need some cake ideas, my daughter doesn’t like fondant or butter cream icing, so I figure I would be safe with cream cheese...

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George's Bakes

Recipe for milk choc cake :/

Hi. I am hoping someone can help me. I have been asked to make a milk choc cake for a christening. This is to be stacked and so needs to take weight of fondant and upper tier! I can’t seem to find any that are light enough in taste. My choc cake...

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Fondant/Gumpaste Coffe Mug/Cup & Saucer

Hi All….I thought making a fondant coffee mug/cup & saucer for the top of a coffee fanatics cake would be fairly easy! I have been trying to find some tutorials on this but only came across one which I wasn;t that happy with….can anyone...

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I need a cake done this week for A stilist cosmetologist.

Hi this is Iliana valdez from san leandro ca my 43 birthday is saturday and i’m really trying to find a good cake designer someone who has skills i need the best and cutest cake for mom contact me through here please thanks

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hi i have just bought the powder and a mat to make the lace for around my cake but can anyone tell me if you can make it the day before i decorate it as i will need to make two and they take 3 hours to set ?

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Airbrushing Advice for Silver colour

Hi all…if wanting to attain a silver colour when airbrushing say something like the presentation board (or anything really for that matter)..would you more experienced cakers out there colour your fondant say a grey colour first or just spray...