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Where to buy

Can anyone recommend where to buy supplies from in california. I’m...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

How to support a 5 tier cake?

Hi, up to now my cakes have been small enough that bubble tea straws have...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Is SPS cake support system dishwasher safe?

Has anyone put their SPS in the dishwasher to sterilize it? Is is safe or...

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Sandra's cakes

Cupcakes boxes UK

Can anyone recommend a cupcake box supplier in UK wo deals with small...

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Louis Vuitton decorations

Hey all, Any tips on how to get LV and symbols on cake without freehanding...

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3d tonka truck

Hi there, so I have been asked to quote for a 3d tonka truck to feed 50. I...

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Decorating supplies.??

Early next year I ‘m doing a trip with my family landing in LA, up to San...

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Kitchen aid for $183.99 @ kohls

I just wanted to share how to get a KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer...

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Need a wow factor, simple idea for cupcake decoration

Hello cupcake decorators We need to send some cupcakes to magazine editors...

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Peacock Bridal Shower cake

Hello fellow cake decorator’s! :D I am looking for some advice on how to...

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Massa Grischuna

anyone use or have used this brand of rolled fondant? is of good taste?...

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Cake Decorating Books

What are some of your favorite books or websites that you turn to for...

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Sheet Cake pans, Help!

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at sheet cake pans and there is so much...

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Cup & Cakes

Modeling Chocolate..... Making Sticky Sweat beads !?!

Hi Everyone, I made a Modeling Chocolate Figure a week before i had to...

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sponge recipe

I need your opinion on what sponge mixture to use, I am struggling to find a...

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Amy Ashford

Ribbon on Buttercream??

Im making a buttercream wedding cake and I am planning on adding a silk...

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Beverley Childs



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Sugar&Spice by NA

Yellow tractor

Hi! please does anyone has a tutorial on yellow tractor? not the green one...

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Keeping track of accounts ...

Hi all, trying to find a simple computer system to keep my cupcake accounts....

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Maria Davis

Help with Vegan RKT

Hi! I have a friend who is a strict VEGAN (no animal or dairy products AT...