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Double Barrel Dummies

I’m decorating a dummy cake for display, and I want to make a double-barrel....

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Baking in Sheet Pans?

Hi Everyone, just a curiosity question…. I don’t have any commercial...

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Steph Walters

Hope I am not trying to run before I can walk!!!! :o/

Hello :o) My name is Steph and I am totally new to the world of cake...

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Leather texture?

Hi all! I will be making a book cake for my daughters future mother in...

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Piping on cakes

Hello everyone, I am having trouble piping words or anything for that...

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Hello, Sugar!

Best way to transport giant cupcake

Hi everybody, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for transporting a...

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How much do you charge for this cake?

Please let me know … 1 How much do you charge for this cake? 2 How...

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Designs and consults

Having been in the business for a year now, I have come across a problem...

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Is this the right thing to do?

Hello Everyone, I am a stay at home mom and recently moved from Maryland to...

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trying to learn well :)

Hi I am a very newbie in cake decorating… But I am really keen to learn this...

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Cakes o'Licious


Hi i just want to know if anyone uses a dehydrator for drying sugar flowers...

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What you prefer for ice your cakes.... Royal Icing or Buttercream?

Hello everybody … I never use Royal Icing for cover my cakes before and I...

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Wettest Cupcakes

I need a good advice for my cupcakes are wetter. I tested recipes, and...

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Cake Software needed

Hi guys, I am in desperate need of finding a software that works to help me...

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Shelf stable fillings and frosting.

Trying to get permit for cottage food law that just passed, Shelf stable...

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How to cover a cake board with fondant?

I dont know if this has been discussed before..But could someone tell me how...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

Sara of Courthouse Cake Company featured in Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine

Woohoo!! Sara is on fire! She’s back in the news again this month with a...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn

Breaking News! Lucky Paul Hollywood meets fabulous cakers - gets bum pinched!

A little birdy (the lovely Jen from Jen’s Just Desserts) shared this...

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Hi I'm new

Hi I’m a little nervous as I’m new in these quarters but anyway hi and I...

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Natalie King

Really sharp edges on cube cakes???

Hi everyone! I had my first attempt at sharp edges on a round cake...