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Kendra Hicks

What technique is used here?

I’ve just received an email from a bride who wants a cake similar to...

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Michelle Keel

How to apply silver leaf to fondant?

Does anyone have any secret method for applying silver leaf to fondant? I...

1,259 views, 10 1 by Priscilla


Pricing Cakes

Since I strted baking I have had many people ask me for cakes and how much I...

2,133 views, 6 0 by Maureen

Hard Time Working with Modeling Chocolate

Hi Guys- I’m hoping I can get some guidance- I have tried to use...

531 views, 2 0 by Krista

Building a Cake School in Maplewood, NJ…; I...

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Gladiolus Flower

Has anyone made a Gladiolus flower yet, or know of some tutorial on how to...

1,796 views, 6 0 by Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Duff's cake graffiti spray - have you tried it? I'm desperate...

Help! I made some gumpaste roses for a wedding this weekend and they look...

2,535 views, 2 0 by Tammy


best way to practice

Hello all!! was wondering what would be the best way to practice fondant...

1,515 views, 39 1 by Stacy Lint

Stacy Lint

Anyone still working in the corporate world??

I love making cakes and would love to make a full time effort of it, but am...

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Corset Cake Question

I have a corset cake coming up next week and I have a question is it the...

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Anyone from Michigan that can help? Starting a business from home....

Hello! I am from Mi. and I was wondering about all the laws and this new...

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Help with butter cream!

Hello! I am still new to the baking world, and still learning. What I wanted...

497 views, 2 0 by Barbara

Whip cream with colored buttercream

Hi guys, I’m baking a wedding cake the bride requested whipped cream instead...

1,192 views, 5 0 by Iced Images Cakes (Karen Ker)

Iced Images Cakes (Karen Ker)

Cascade of roses

Hi can anyone give me some tips on how to attach petalpaste roses to a...

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HOw do I DO THIS BOW????

HOw do I get the pnk bow with the fine black line on the edge??? I...

885 views, 2 0 by Fun Fiesta Cakes

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Kuromi-Hello Kitty Cake

Hello, bakers, I have been asked to make a Hello Kitty/Kuromi-My Melody...

735 views, 3 0 by Priscilla


Fondant or Gumpaste

Hi all!! I have a question I made for the first time animals out of fondant...

2,616 views, 3 0 by Jamison

Airplane Cookie Cutter

Could anyone tell me where I could purchase a airplane cookie cutter like...

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cake safe

I am still new at this. Have only been decorating for a little over a year. ...

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Michelle Keel

5Mb upload limit

Hi, I find it very difficilt to upload my pictures because of the 5Mb...