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Bev Murray ( Cupcakes and Daisies )


Can anyone tell me why the majority of my photos have come out on here side ways? They are ok on all other sites but this one! Some I haven’t even been able to post because they are upside down!! Thanks Bev x

1,544 views, 4 0 by Jake's Cakes

Jake's Cakes

Does anyone have a no fail dense moist red Velvet recipe for fondant/construction cakes?

am struggling to find a red velvet recipe strong enough for some fondant and construction cakes – can anyone help?

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Help pls! How do I secure a diamante brooch to extra large gumpaste bows?

My client wants to have extra large gumpaste bows with blings – diamante brooches on her 4 tier wedding cake. Suddenly I was filled with apprehension – How do I secure the brooch to the bow and then to the side of the cake? Secondly, how do I...

924 views, 4 0 by Emily Herrington

Emily Herrington

Swiss Meringue recipe?

I keep seeing mentions of this type of buttercream. Can you share your best recipe for this? I am a fondant girl and new to working with buttercream. I have trouble getting it super smoothe. Will the SMBC do better?

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Hopeful someone can help me

I’ve been asked to do this cake for a weeding, now I’ve made many cakes over the yrs but I’m not sure how this is done! Is it a cutter or a stencil. Can antone help ta

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motor bike helmet cake

Hi i was wondering if anyone has a tutorial for bikers or cal helmet please?? i will appreciate any help. thnx.

1,423 views, 1 0 by MzCuteCupcakes

Louboutin Shoe Box Cake

I’m making a shoe box similr to this, except the box will be fuschia…how do I go about making the name “Louboutin?” Do I have to hand paint it on, or are there other options besides edible image? The edible image would work best on a white box,...

899 views, 2 0 by SheriB

Sponge Bob Form cake pan?

Can anybody tell me where I can find the Sponge Bob Form cake pan beside the one made by Wilton? It seems like the one that I want is only available in other countries and I can’t seem to find a company that ships to the United States. ...

5,050 views, 9 0 by Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Piping Royal on Buttercream?

Hi All, more and more of my brides are requesting buttercream cakes instead of fondant. I am not as well versed in buttercream’s capabilities. I always use swiss meringue on my buttercream cakes – can you pipe royal icing on that? And will the...

1,172 views, 3 0 by Sreeja -The Cake Addict

Sreeja -The Cake Addict

Fondant recipe

Hello all, So far I have used the ready made fondant. Can some one please suggest a good and easy fondant recipe. I tried marsh mallow fondant once, but it became very sticky. Thanks a lot for reading my post Cheers !!! Sreeja

728 views, 0 0 by Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Has anyone used Martellato Fondant?

Hi, My local bakery wholesaler is carrying Martellato fondant. It’s Italian. Has anyone ever used this and what are your reviews on it? I don’t think I’ve ever come across a baker that uses it? thanks!

839 views, 2 0 by Juliag67811

Transferring images onto a cake

I read online that the only way to transfer an image to a cake is by using buttercream. I am not a fan of buttercream… I am also new at this. I started out just making my kids birthday cakes, and now I am making cakes for family and friends. I...

798 views, 0 0 by Cake Laine

Egg Free Sponge Cake

Hello Please can someone help me with a recipe for an egg free vanilla sponge cake? I received a request to make one, tried out an online recipe, which appeared on the internet on various websites, but to be honest it did not taste too good. It...

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Fall Into Sugar Cake Show June 29, 2013! Oak Ridge, TN

East TN Sugar Artists PRESENTS: FALL INTO SUGAR CAKE SHOW JUNE 29, 2013 YWCA 1660 OAK RIDGE TURNPIKE, OAK RIDGE, TN 37830 12 PM – 5 PM For more Details go to our NEWS Link! First 50 Entries get a Gift Bag full of...

890 views, 2 0 by Kendra Hicks

Kendra Hicks

8-Petal Cake Pans??

I’m looking to purchase two 10" 8-petal cake pans but all I can seem to find is the Wilton set of four pans in different sizes. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can find them? The Fat Daddio’s 5-petal pans aren’t the look we’re going...

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How do I rotate my photos?

I am not that great with computers! How do I rotate my photos? Thanks!

516 views, 1 0 by Delicious Cakes

Delicious Cakes


I have uploaded my images and they are all the wrong way up, how do I rectify this? Thanks Debbie

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Delicut Cakes

Just wanted to say HI!

It’s a lovely May day, and I just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

619 views, 1 0 by shazzytazzy

Dry butter cake

Hi everyone, I have only just joined your online caking community and am in awe of the all the work I have seen! I have been self teaching myself cake decorating for just over a year but it is only a hobby so I am havent done that many and I...

1,466 views, 5 0 by Prima Cakes Plus

Prima Cakes Plus

Can I fix a cracked figure?

So I made my Doc McStuffin figure with 50/50 satin ice chocolate and white fondx. I stopped using satin ice for figures because as it dries it ALWAYS cracks. I thought maybe if i mixed the chocolate SI with Fondx I would be ok, but nope. I...