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Nicole Marker

HELP! Cake artist needed in Long Island NY....Yikes

Hi cake peeps! I am having a shaking my head moment…. A woman ordered a...

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Wedding Cake with pillars

Hi fellow Cakers :-) Please could you help me? I am making a four tier...

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Which is the best method for freeze your cake or cupcake?

Hi everybody I like to know wich method or tools your use to freeze your...

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Dummy Cake in Extended Tier

I’m making a 6” birdcage cake next week and am planning to use a dummy cake...

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Sarah F

Center doweling a cake

So the largest cake I have done was 4 tiers but I put it together on site. ...

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Sugar&Spice by NA

Freezing cakes

Hi, please I need your advice. I’m having a party for my 2 girls birthday,...

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Joyce Nimmo

Can I fill my cake with butter cream icing, carve it and then freeze for later?

I’m preparing a cake and want to fill it with butter cream, carve it and...

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Hi, can anyone help me, I am currently covering a 3 tier cake and am getting...

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Sugar&Spice by NA

glue issue

Hi I have a big problem with gluing on fondant, Like for instance, today i...

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Natalie King

Completely Fat Free Cake

Hi everyone, I have a customer who needs to order a cake for her son who is...

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Substituting Oil for butter

I would like to find out when substituting oil for butter do you use the...

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Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices...

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sugarpaste figure tutorial

Any one know of a tutorial for a sugarpaste model of a footballer or tennis...

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dummy cakes

I have never worked with dummy cakes. I would like to make one that I can...

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Cake Temptations

Embed cake pics

I’ve just noticed a section on the side of my cake pics that I’ve posted on...

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Joyce Nimmo

wedding cake pricing .... I know it's an ongoing topic ... but here we go again :D

This is what I just sent as a reply for a wedding cake inquiry (I’m so new...

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5 tier wedding cake eeek !!

hi everyone i have an order for a five tier wedding cake but would like to...

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The cake shop at highland reserve

Air brush

Can anyone tell me if I’m looking to buy an air brush for my cake ,dose it...

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HELP/FEEDBACK-Cupcake Decorating Party

Lately I have been getting asked to participate in charities which will be...

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Karen de Perez


Hellouu!! Do es anyone know where I can find a tutorial to make a mannequin...