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Top 3

This is mainly for Michal, but if anyone agrees then feel free to say (or if you don’t agree then feel free also). I don’t like that the number of views is counted as part of the algorithm for picking the top 3 cakes. I don’t think it has ANY...

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Tiffany Palmer

Issues with buttercream cracking...

Recently I have been having real issues with my buttercream icing cracking. I use a crusting buttercream and viva to smooth. It always comes out nice and smooth but any movement at all once the cake is decorated and it seems to get cracks in it...

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pink sugar frosting

icing made with sugar and gelatin powder

hello cake friends .does any one know about the icing which is made with confectionery sugar and gelatin powder and its dries rock hard like gum paste but for a gum paste we have to let it dry for a few days and this one dries instantly

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getting "sharp" edges on your fondant

ok, i know this has come up already and Torta has made a turtorial and given some fantastic advice! but i think i found a product that will make some of your fondant decorating a little easier. i found this product but was a little reluctant in...

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what size ribbon does everone recommend/use regularly for wedding/chritening cakes stuck between getting a 15mm or 25mm(their 25metre rolls so want to make sure get right one) many thanks for any input :)

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Mold Putty

I am wanting to make my own molds in the most inexpensive way. I have heard of using “EasyMold Silicone Putty” from Michaels, but it is not available at my Michaels. Also, someone said in a review of said product that they would recommend...

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Has anyone got advise for a simple bakugan cake topper for an 8-yr old boy? thanks in advance

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Sharon Zambito

Hi everybody!

Hello everyone! Just discovered your wonderful site. happy to be here! Sharon Zambito

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Chocolate cigarellos & roses

Hi all I have a cake to do coming up which involves a lot of chocolate cigarellos and chocolate roses (both white and dark – with molding chocolate). I haven’t done much work with chocolate to date, so if anyone has any pointers or words of...

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Tall/deep cakes

Hi all. I’m intrigued by these deeper cakes that seem to be all the trend these days. I’m keen to give them a go, but interested in knowing how people generally tackle them. Do people have any additional supports in them given the additional...

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Aida Martinez

Edible Printer

I would like to get myself a edible printer, but I am not sure which one to get. Canon or Epson. Any tips.

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To all my fellow Georgia cake decorators- Enact a Cottage Food Law in the State of Georgia! Please click on the link above to sign this petition. Thank you! :-D

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cakes by khandra

cake making

when making cakes what do you use… cake mix or make it for scratch?

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Silicone cake pop pan

Ive seen the metal cake pop pans but I’m looking for the silicone cake pop pan. The metal one I found at Bed Bath &Beyond – the silicone pan is slightly smaller. Has anyone seen them? Thanks- Ansa

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Favorite & Least Favorite Part of Making a Cake

What are your favorite and least favorite part of making a cake. Do you like thinking up the design, the actual baking, or do you love the decorating. I love thinking up the design, making all the little details, and the decorating. Playing...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes


My daughter just got engaged and I’m already thinking about her wedding cake – If you have a “favorite” wedding cake that you have done, or want to contribute any ideas or suggestions that would make my life less stressful if I decide to make the...

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Sturdy Choc Cake

I have an order for a very chocolately cake. I love the Hersheys cocoa recipe but I’m afraid it’s too soft to cover with fondant. Anyone experience this or have a great moist recipe to share that’s similar to this one? Thanks!

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

How many people will it serve?

I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I always have trouble telling people what size cake they should order when they tell me the number of guests. Can you guys tell me how you figure it out? For example I have a lady having a bridal...

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Funfetti or other flavor cake for a Wedding Cake?

So, I have my 1st wedding cake and they have asked for “funfetti”. I’m a little worried about that holding up on a tiered wedding cake! Does anyone have a good recipe for a version of “Funfetti” that is sturdy too? I am meeting with them next...

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Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Interviews - Post questions for The Baking Sheet

This month we’re going to do an interview with Loren-The Baking Sheet ( FB page ) and you have the opportunity to ask her questions. She will choose and answer 3 of them in our interview in the middle of February. Go ahead and be creative ;).