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Fondant on Rainy Season

Hi! I’m a self taught newbie and I already love this site. I’m from the Philippines and summer is over.I’m working on a fondant cake now and because it’s always raining I noticed that the fondant is always wet/moist..what will I do to make it...

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Anybody have problems with ordering from bakers kitchen

I ordered 100 dollars worth of fondant coloring and tips. They came in a huge box so the fondant buckets banged around came open, coloring everywhere, tips ruined. I sent the box back and was suppose to get a replacement and they left it in the...

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How do I wrap cakes to freeze them??

I have heard that layer cakes freeze nicely. I have an order for 24 6 inch 2 layer cakes and I would like to start baking them now…due in 3 weeks. I have no idea how to wrap them to keep them the freshest I can. I would appreciate anyone’s...

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Spacing Between Tiers for Flowers

I am needing to put layers of flowers between the tiers of a wedding cake giving it a look like this: I am sure there are different ways of doing it and I have one I...

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Hi- I have a wedding cake coming up soon and wondered what I should do in regards to Doweling the cake will be a 11inch Square 4" high, the 2nd cake will be 7" Square 6"high and third will be 6" Round 5" high, Do I need to put a central dowel...

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Advice for success

Hi guys, I am new to Cakesdecor, but also new to cake decorating. I’ve seen the work of a lot of talented people here. What advice would you have for someone like me just starting out in the business for success? I mostly bake for friends and...

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looking for a praline cake recipe

hello fellow bakers!! was wondering if anyone had a praline cake recipe that they could share. i have a request for a tasting that i will be doing later in june. thanks so much!!

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Buttercream Iceing that doesnt melt

How do I make a buttercream iceing that won’t melt so easily?

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cakes by khandra


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Nikki Belleperche

Attaching LOTS of dragees to a cake side.

I have a request for a wedding cake coming up that has the bottom half of each tier completely covered in pink dragees. Much like this cake My question is, what do you think the easiest and most secure way to do this would be? My first thought...

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Nikki Belleperche

Black royal bleeding problem.

I am by no means a cookie decorator, nor am I very experienced with royal icing but last week I decided to tinker around with some sugar cookies and I was itching to try my hand at some simple decorating. At first I did some light pink and green...

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Cake Serving guide

Hey everyone, as I’m preparing to do my first wedding cake, I’m wondering which guide is the best to work with. After researching, I see a lot of people saying that the wilton guide is wrong. Are there any other guides that you’ve tried that is...

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buttercream icing

**just wanted to see if anyone has had icing change colors on them? I frosted a cake in a light purple color and when I went to get it out it had turned a light blue color. It was exposed to some light . Luckily the color will still work and I...

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Would you vote for me. (if you have a second)

If you have time would you like my photo? It’s my bubbleyum cake. Thanks so much!

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Bundt to cake

If I have a recipe for a Bundt cake is there any reason I couldn’t make it a 8" cake? Ansa

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Buttercream Recipe

Anyone has a good recipe for buttercream that doesn’t taste so much like shortening. Please share. I use the wilton recipe, and I’m hoping to find one that taste better but still does a great job on the cake.

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non corrugated cake boards

does anyone know where i can find non corrugated cake boards? not masonite board, though. it seems that the type of boards i’m looking for are all over in the UK, but i haven’t been able to find any here in the US. thanks!

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painting without an airbrush

hello fellow cakers!! i am trying to figure out the best efficient way to undertake a super mario themed birthday cake for my twin boys. i wanted to do a small 3 tiered cake and do two different scenes on the bottom to tiers and then make a...

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Fondant Roller by Caketrick

I was wondering if anyone has a Fondant roller by Caketrick. I’m wanting to try it out since Debbie Does Cakes mentioned how great it was on FB this afternoon. It’s a little pricey for me to just go out and buy so wanted to see if anyone here was...

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Egg Substitue

Hello all! I am fairly new to baking and cake decorating and was wondering if any of you had used egg substitute in your cakes and if they turned out well. One of my friends wants me to make a cake for her son who will be turning 3 but he is...