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Vanilla custard filling???

Hi everyone!!! I need some help please. Does anyone have a delish vanilla custard cake filling recipe???? If so would you PLEASE share. Thank in advance :)

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Alcohol in cakes??

I have a wedding cake due in a couple of weeks~ the couple wants one of the tiers to be a margarita cake with strawberry margarita filling (which they’ve asked me to create a recipe using a jar of their homemade strawberry margarita jam, their...

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Need Bubble Guppies Cake in South Jersey/Philly area

I’ve been trying to find someone to make a custom Bubble Guppies cake for my son’s 1st birthday. It seems that anyone who has good prices and does great work is out of State and way too far. Anyone out there near Philly or South Jersey...

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cakes by khandra

pink ruffle cake

could everyone please take a minute and vote for my cake please :) it would mean soo much to me <3

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Sugar free weding cake

Help! Is sombody have a sugar free cake recipe for a weding cake? They are diabetics. Thank you.

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Doing outdoor events

I was wondering if there is anyone here who’s done an outdoor event yet? Like a having a booth or table at a fair or something similar? If so, how do you plan and organize everything? What do you chose to display and sell? What quantity do you...

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

Ball tool

Hi Everyone, Just wondering what everyone’s preference is when it come to ball tools. I use the plastic kind, just the one that comes in the wilton sets. However I find the seem on the ball part it causing a lot of problems for me with things...

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One airbrush to rule them all

Model KIT – G23 – 22 master Airbrush I have a dual action trigger. How do we change from one color to another? Thank you. Also, how do you “know” for example one batch of 13 cupcakes, how much color does one need for that and how do you...

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cakes by khandra

Kitchenaid stand mixer giveaway

here is an awesome kitchenaid stand mixer giveaway from crissy on facebook, go and enter!!

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Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Welcome Contest - 6th week winner

Another great week is behind us – we have reached 1000 likes on our facebook page and we’ll reach the milestone of 3000 cakes soon. *Here is the 6th week winner of CakesDecor Welcome Contest Christiescreations Congratulations. You’ve...

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Creating an eagle cake!

Hi. I have been asked to create an eagle cake. I have researched other peoples eagle cakes and possible ways of doing it and there is only one design that I like enough. This uses coconut strands for the head feathers and to create the...

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Fondant on Rainy Season

Hi! I’m a self taught newbie and I already love this site. I’m from the Philippines and summer is over.I’m working on a fondant cake now and because it’s always raining I noticed that the fondant is always wet/moist..what will I do to make it...

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Anybody have problems with ordering from bakers kitchen

I ordered 100 dollars worth of fondant coloring and tips. They came in a huge box so the fondant buckets banged around came open, coloring everywhere, tips ruined. I sent the box back and was suppose to get a replacement and they left it in the...

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How do I wrap cakes to freeze them??

I have heard that layer cakes freeze nicely. I have an order for 24 6 inch 2 layer cakes and I would like to start baking them now…due in 3 weeks. I have no idea how to wrap them to keep them the freshest I can. I would appreciate anyone’s...

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Spacing Between Tiers for Flowers

I am needing to put layers of flowers between the tiers of a wedding cake giving it a look like this: I am sure there are different ways of doing it and I have one I...

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Hi- I have a wedding cake coming up soon and wondered what I should do in regards to Doweling the cake will be a 11inch Square 4" high, the 2nd cake will be 7" Square 6"high and third will be 6" Round 5" high, Do I need to put a central dowel...

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Advice for success

Hi guys, I am new to Cakesdecor, but also new to cake decorating. I’ve seen the work of a lot of talented people here. What advice would you have for someone like me just starting out in the business for success? I mostly bake for friends and...

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looking for a praline cake recipe

hello fellow bakers!! was wondering if anyone had a praline cake recipe that they could share. i have a request for a tasting that i will be doing later in june. thanks so much!!

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Buttercream Iceing that doesnt melt

How do I make a buttercream iceing that won’t melt so easily?

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cakes by khandra


we all love giveaways dont we :) head over to and enter in the giveaway tab to win