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348 views, 19 0 by TheCustomCakery



Is homepage Frozen?...

Is it just me or has homepage not changed for the last several hours?!… If...

325 views, 12 0 by Cecile Crabot

Cecile Crabot


Blured/ sharped photos uploading cakes on Cakesdecor

Hi everyone, I noticed that when I upload my cakes on CakesDecor they often...

631 views, 6 0 by Michelle Johnson


Edit pic

I am new here and learning everything for the first time, I posted a couple...

407 views, 10 0 by BeautifySugar



Can someone help ?

Does anyone know why when I try to search for my username " BeautifySugar"...

340 views, 1 0 by KraftykooksKreations



quarterly awards

Is it a case of " I cant see the woods for the trees? " I’ve entered a...

531 views, 6 0 by Mardie Makes Cakes

Mardie Makes Cakes


how to delete photos?

i have accidentally re-posted a cake… anyone please tell me how to delete??...

504 views, 4 0 by Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress

Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress


Searching specific cake categories

Hi there i was just wondering if we’ll ever have the search option for...

518 views, 4 0 by Susana



Why i only see the Editor's Choice cakes .......

Hi Michal Bulla why i only see the Editor’s Choice cakes 3 days later? Is...

846 views, 7 0 by Shalena



Help please

I want to attempt to make a Doc cake topper from Doc Mcstuffins for my 3 and...

402 views, 18 0 by Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


A lovely warm welcome, thank you!

I have been a member of this Site now for a couple of days and I would just...

527 views, 17 0 by SweetLin



Late notification from the person that i'm following

Lately i noticed that i always have late email notification from the person...

392 views, 2 0 by Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


New to the site

Hello I have only recently discovered this sight not sure how anyway I just...

319 views, 4 0 by GranDo


Scrolling through pictures

I am having a little difficulty navigating the new website. On the old site...

1,247 views, 11 0 by Michal Bulla

Michal Bulla


UPDATE: Registrations Enabled!!

I just wanted to let you know that we were pushed to disable registrations...

629 views, 12 0 by jan14grands



cannot upload a new cake

There is no way for me to upload a new cake – how do I do it? It is just...

395 views, 0 0 by Barbara D.

Barbara D.


Thank You

I would like to thank those who gave positive feedback on my cakes. Not...

481 views, 6 0 by Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)

Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)


Help with comments

Help please. I’ve left a message on someone’s cake. They’ve replied but not...

362 views, 11 0 by Happy



Photos Won't Upload

I’ve tried everything! Ever since the site got an overhaul I can’t upload...

482 views, 8 0 by SB Cake Design

SB Cake Design


Removing Pictures from my page

I would like to remove some of my cake pictures that don’t have watermarks...

988 views, 27 0 by Emily Herrington

Emily Herrington


I just gotta say...

I LOVE YOU GUYS ROCK. So much better than that “other” site!!!