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Megan Marie


Culinary Institute of America

So after I finish my two year college I was thinking of going to the CIA and...

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Stolen cake photos

I’ve recently encountered another cake decorator in my area that not only...

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Sugar Baby Cake Company


Do I bring a gift?

If I am the cake decorator and I am invited to the wedding, do I bring a...

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Friend Etiquette

Twice in the last month or so I’ve experienced something new when I have...

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Joyce Nimmo


Watermaking Photos

What are your thoughts on watermarking photos? I do not currently do that,...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes


How to get customers... and price your cakes right!

I know this may sound silly, but how do you get a cake business started from...

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Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh!

So… I decided to give someone a good deal i think on a 2 tier all fondant...

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Free Tools to Help with Online Marketing for your Cake Decorating Business

CakesDecor members please see the following free tools that can promote your...

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Share Your Marketing Tips

I recently posted some information about 9 free online marketing tools,...

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Photoshop tutorials for Cakes and Gumpaste Creations

I believe enhance photos are very important and makes your cakes and other...

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Environmental Health Officers

Hello all. Have been lurking for a while but was hoping some UK home bakers...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes



Hi, I’d like to start watermarking my work – do I need a special software to...

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How do you feel???

How do you all feel when your friends and family go to different places to...

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Permit approved today..

I went on monday got a call today and I was given my permit number and said...

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RIP to my oven-Please help

Hi Everyone, my LG electric oven range has decided to short circuit on me...

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Please check out my new fondant blog!

Hello everyone. I am new here (obviously). I wanted to invite everyone to...

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Steph Walters


Help Please - Liability Insurance Advice

Hello I am just starting up my own part time cupcake business, hoping to...

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How do you charge your 3D cakes ??

After a many hours trying to find some reference I give up looking how to...

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Watermarking your pictures

Hi there, How many of you add a watermark to their pictures and which...

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Cup & Cakes


Icing sugar on fondant! How to remove?

Hi All, I have made quite a few cakes now and only a few have cracked a...