Cake Decorating Business

Would you like to start cake decorating business? Post your questions, tips or ideas here.

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Cup & Cakes

Icing sugar on fondant! How to remove?

Hi All, I have made quite a few cakes now and only a few have cracked a...

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Cup & Cakes


I have started a cake business in my Town and I’m struggling to price my...

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Sell it cheap because you are just starting- right or wrong?

A friend of a friend asked if I could make 20 cake pops for her kid’ s...

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Urgently seeking cake maker in US to help with UK/US event

An unusual urgent request here ……! I need to find a US cake baker who will...

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Designs and consults

Having been in the business for a year now, I have come across a problem...

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Cake Software needed

Hi guys, I am in desperate need of finding a software that works to help me...

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Elisa Colon

Fondant Brands

Curious to see what fondant brands everyone uses… I am currently using...

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Home Bakers - Do you provide complimentary tastings?

I was asked by a potential customer if she could come by on tomorrow for a...

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3d tonka truck

Hi there, so I have been asked to quote for a 3d tonka truck to feed 50. I...

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Sheet cakes Prices Vs others Cakes

Why the price of sheet cakes are always lower than others??? Really I don’t...

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Does anybody use contracts for cake orders other than wedding cakes???

Recently I have a client some special…lol She did an order for this 27th...

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Karen MacFadyen

Cake Decorating Magazines

I was wondering what magazines does everyone favour to help them with their...

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Somebody have a tasting or sample for your cakes??? I need to know some...

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Who uses Square to accept credit?

I’ve only just heard of . Can anyone tell me...

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Does anyone use Paypal or any other type of online payment system? If so do...

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Starting up

Hello everyone, I’m from Australia, and wanting some advice on starting a...

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Kendra Hicks

Is the Caketrick worth the $?

To those of you who have used the Caketrick Fondant Roller… is it worth the...

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Cake Pricing

Hi Everyone, I’m fairly new to cake design, and am wondering how you...

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Alice's pricing matrix

Hi Does anyone maybe have Alice’s cake pricing matrix or know where I can...

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Pricing Cakes

Since I strted baking I have had many people ask me for cakes and how much I...