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For those of you who provide wedding cakes to venues

If you have a relationship with various Venue’s where you are THE EXCLUSIVE wedding cake provider… What kind of packages do you offer? Pricing? Delivery? Certain cake flavors only? Any flavor on the menu? etc. I’d like to be more aggressive...

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 Outrageous Cakes

Looking for some advice!!!

We are trying to find a good form of advertising, something that really works and that does not cost a lot of money. Does anyone have some suggestions?

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Hi, I aspire to become a cake decorater and I was hoping if some of you could suggest me decorating classes in metro detroit area. Thanks, 4GWomen

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Megan Marie

Culinary Institute of America

So after I finish my two year college I was thinking of going to the CIA and then open a bakery after that. But now I’m starting to think that maybe it will just be a waste of money. I’ve read about so many people who are self taught and figure...

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Stolen cake photos

I’ve recently encountered another cake decorator in my area that not only under cuts everyone’s prices so bad that when baking from scratch you can’t even buy the ingredients for that price. I think if she can make a cake for that price then...

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Sugar Baby Cake Company

Do I bring a gift?

If I am the cake decorator and I am invited to the wedding, do I bring a gift? I don’t think I would be invited if I wasn’t doing the cake. I didn’t charge her for delivery and setup.

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Friend Etiquette

Twice in the last month or so I’ve experienced something new when I have friends/coworkers at my house. Somehow the subject of cake comes up because maybe I’m working on a cake or am waiting for an order to be picked up, and they say to me in an...

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Joyce Nimmo

Watermaking Photos

What are your thoughts on watermarking photos? I do not currently do that, however I just saw a note on one of ScrummyMummy’s pictures indicating people steal pics of cakes and claim them at their own. Does that really happen? Has it happened to...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

How to get customers... and price your cakes right!

I know this may sound silly, but how do you get a cake business started from home? In Florida, they just passed the Cottage Food law, which allows bakers to create and sell cakes from home (with some restrictions). Other than word of mouth, or...

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Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh!

So… I decided to give someone a good deal i think on a 2 tier all fondant and let’s not forget 4 angry bird fondant figures I have to make along with cupcakes for $145.00 to me that’s a great deal! For someone to say well that’s to much money...

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Free Tools to Help with Online Marketing for your Cake Decorating Business

CakesDecor members please see the following free tools that can promote your cake decorating business, thus making it more marketable, increasing revenue etc. For those who are desirous of the foregoing but do not know where to start, please...

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Share Your Marketing Tips

I recently posted some information about 9 free online marketing tools, which I believe will be essential for you all in your cake decorating business. Please refer to the information under topic – “Free Tools to Help with Online Marketing for...

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Photoshop tutorials for Cakes and Gumpaste Creations

I believe enhance photos are very important and makes your cakes and other sugarcraft items more beautiful/attractive for your business. Therefore, does anyone know of any tutorials in photoshop do do so? thanks

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The Custom Cakery

Environmental Health Officers

Hello all. Have been lurking for a while but was hoping some UK home bakers might be able to give some advice regarding having my kitchen passed by the EHO. It’s perfectly clean, obviously, but has anyone experienced any pitfalls I need to look...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes


Hi, I’d like to start watermarking my work – do I need a special software to do so? Many thanks! Funfetti Cakes

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How do you feel???

How do you all feel when your friends and family go to different places to get their cakes/cupcakes?? Do you all take it personally? Or does it not bother you?

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Permit approved today..

I went on monday got a call today and I was given my permit number and said I could start today.. Hmm that seemed too easy after taking apart every recipe was done. In shock really that this is true but happy..

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RIP to my oven-Please help

Hi Everyone, my LG electric oven range has decided to short circuit on me (I’ve already replaced the relay board 3 times and it keeps frying) and I am in desperate need of a new oven, and fast – need to bake 15 dozen cupcakes this weekend. Can...

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Please check out my new fondant blog!

Hello everyone. I am new here (obviously). I wanted to invite everyone to check out my new blog that talks about fondant. It’s not fancy or anything but I have some good articles that I write that is related to making fondant, hence, you can...

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Steph Walters

Help Please - Liability Insurance Advice

Hello I am just starting up my own part time cupcake business, hoping to launch officially in April, once my new kitchen is finished and registered. I have been looking at the Public Liability Insurances and was wondering if anybody had any...