Cake Decorating Business

Would you like to start cake decorating business? Post your questions, tips or ideas here.

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Pricing Cakes

Since I strted baking I have had many people ask me for cakes and how much I...

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Building a Cake School in Maplewood, NJ…; I...

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Stacy Lint

Anyone still working in the corporate world??

I love making cakes and would love to make a full time effort of it, but am...

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Anyone from Michigan that can help? Starting a business from home....

Hello! I am from Mi. and I was wondering about all the laws and this new...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Wedding orders - deposits vs balance due

Hi! I’m starting to book weddings and I was wondering how you professionals...

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Yolanda Marshall

Does anyone have any advice on how to get more Facebook traffic ("likes")?

Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to...

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Kendra Hicks

Classic Car Cake Pricing??

I’ve been commissioned to build a cake replica of a classic car for a man’s...

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Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

Let's talk Mixers: whatcha got, whatcha love, whatcha hate?

I’ll start. I’ve burned out my second Kitchen Aid in less then a year. My...

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How do you handle it??

Have you ladies ever had someone be under you, watch you, and ask questions...

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Debbie Sanderson

Please can you help me??

I am from Chichester in England and I have just started my cake decorating...

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Cake pricing for Beginners

Hello Everyone, I just recently started my own Cake Decorating business,...

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Eric Johnson

cake calendar for charity

Has anyone heard about the calendar to benefit icing smiles?

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Online Cake Supply Shops

Hi everyone! I wanted to see first of all if it was ok to start a list of...

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Kids Classes

I’d love a little feedback from you cakers. I’ve been thinking about...

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Party cakes vs. Wedding cakes

Do you guys charge different for party cakes and wedding cakes? Or do you...

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Cake Decorating as a Business

I was curious for all of you who does this business, what advice would you...

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Advice for success

Hi guys, I am new to Cakesdecor, but also new to cake decorating. I’ve...

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cakes by khandra


we all love giveaways dont we :) head over to...

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Would you vote for me. (if you have a second)

If you have time would you like my photo? It’s my bubbleyum cake. Thanks so...

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Conflict of interest question

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked to make a 6" bridal gown cake for my mother’s...