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Samantha Corey

rental fees spatial made cake stands?

I have to make a cake stand for a wedding cake. 12" tree stump. I want to give her the option to return is so I can have it for the future or keep it. but dont know what to charge for it for rental or for them to keep it. Can anyone give me an...

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Janine Lister

Fake facebook account! HELP!

Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone had made that looked like one of mine, i replied that i hadnt but it was a good cake. They responded by telling me i was very generous. I checked the account that sent...

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Garden State Cake Show New Jersey

HI for the first time we have taken up a booth in Garden State Cake Show and we are planning to sell Fondant toppers. Is anyone else planning to go or has taken a booth. I’m so nervous. Can anybody tell me who have attended the past cake shows,...

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Sally Jane Cake Design

Hygiene Certificate -- Retail or Catering?

Hi All, I’m hoping you can help. I’m looking into taking a Level 2 online Food Health & Safety course but am unsure whether I should be taking it for Catering or Retail as they both say suitable for “ready to eat food”. Does anyone know...

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Becoming official/insured/protected baking cakes for others?

Hi all, I’ve been doing some cake making as a hobby for about a year, I’ve not had any lessons but built up a collection of cutters and other decorating tools etc. recently a local photographer friend asked me to provide her with cakes for ‘cake...

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Potential customers

Hi all, might be a bit of a funny question but I’m hoping someone can help me even if it’s just to put the nagging nelly of doubt to bed but…I received a message from a ‘member’ I guess, on here enquiring about one of my cakes. I answered her...

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Samantha Corey

Florida home business license???

Im a artist Law is not my thing. Im trying to read threw all this business mumbojumbo and I dont get it. Any one on here live in sw florida and have a home bakery license? I just need to know how much it costs, what Im going to be going threw to...

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How did you start?

I was thinking of setting up a small business, possibly purely an online event, but how and what would you do =/ I wont be doing this for a small while, but I was wondering how did you advertise? and did you need to get a “professional” Kitchen...

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Jenniffer White

Dealing with overbearing MOBs during consultations

I really hate it when I meet with a bride and the mother thinks she’s the main focus of the wedding. I had a consult earlier today and I could tell from the get-go that the mother was trying her best to recreate “her” wedding day. I can handle...

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Yet another pricing question!

Any thoughts on what you would charge for this cake? Its an 8in chocolate sponge, filled & crumb coated with choc ganache. I only make cakes for family & friends as I’m a full time midwife ☺

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Beata Khoo

How to become a business

Hi Everyone I was looking to be come small business, because I still work in the nursery 6 hours a day however my cake orders getting bigger, first 2 years- it was just a little play however I am seriously considering change next year or so. I...

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Bebe's Bakery


Hi we’re bebe’s bakery Advice needed we are looking into getting our cakes and bakes,recipes published in food and cake magazines,any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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getting started.

How do people start a home bakery. Or a non licenced kitchen? Can you. Do you have it in a contract somewhere for people to sign that your a non licenced home kitchen? Is it even possible. How do you go about renting kitchen space. And do you...

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cake sz and price.

1Just looking for some advice. When you have a client come to you and say I want a cake for x amount if people..but thats all the info, what do you do. Obviously there are questions I know like tiers..fondant..flavors but do you base your design...

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Hello! An introduction

Hi all I just wanted to introduce myself quickly. I had a home bakery business myself for a short time but then I got pregnant with my second daughter and the physical work was more than I could handle. I hardly ever bake anymore and she’s 11...

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Hot Mama's Cakes

I'm really considering opening a store front

Can anyone give me and input or feedback regarding running an actual store front? is there any reading material that you would recommend? What are the most common mistakes in running a store front? and what do you think is the average cost and...

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Happyhills Cakes

An old topic, but quite annoying!

We were recently visited by a local Trading Standards officer and told that we had to remove all the cakes from our website/FB/advertising that had any Disney/BBC/WB etc etc characters represented on the cakes. It’s quite frustrating as it feels...

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Stealling Peoples cake photos.

Ugh, I have come across a new “cake” Business in my town, and they have many pictures of others cakes on their page passing them off as their own!!! I msg’d her and she said, at no time did she say they were her cakes. I told her to then State...

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Jolly Good Fellows

Pricing Intricate Cakes

Looking for advice in developing a clear consistent cake pricing system. We are a fairly new bakery and like to have very set policies in place with each new phase of development. Our basic cakes are simple to cost and price. We are now...

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Mardie Makes Cakes

Tips for Taking Great Cake Photos Please :D

Hi everyone, I have finally got a quite decent digital SLR (Christmas present!) and now wondering what other tools I need for taking really great cake pics. I’ve been looking at photo/lighting booths, do u think these are the way to go or do u...