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Cupcake decorating techniques and cupcake baking ...

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Keeping track of accounts ...

Hi all, trying to find a simple computer system to keep my cupcake accounts....

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Cupcake cases that don't need a tin

We are about to launch some amazing new cupcake paper cases that do not need...

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HELP/FEEDBACK-Cupcake Decorating Party

Lately I have been getting asked to participate in charities which will be...

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Wedding Cupcakes in lieu of cake

Hey fellow cake decorators, I was wondering when a bride choses to serve...

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How To Keep Foil Cupcake Liners from Separating!!!

I always have trouble with the foil muffin cups. The white paper & the...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes


Cupcake Prices

Hello bakers, I may have an opportunity to sell cupcakes to a local deli –...

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moist cupcake recipe

hi i was wondering if anyone had a nice vanilla cupcake recipe that is light...

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cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting ?

Can anyone here share the best cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting....

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Pistachio cupcakes recipe anyone?

I’m looking for a great pistachio cupcakes or cake recipe. Does anyone have...

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Rainbow chip help!

I have been asked to make rainbow chip cupcakes with rainbowchip icing for...

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Hi everyone in the new Cake website

Im hoping this will be a great place to visit!

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receipe for coconut cupcake

Made these delish cocout cupcakes, with fill them with a cream and now need...

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Gluten Free Tips/Recipes?

Looking for a little advice or even just some really good, tried-and-true...

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)


grease proof cupcake liners

hi all can anyone help me, I am looking for some really nice colorful or...

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Mikooklin's Cakery


Pattern for bridal shower cupcakes

Does anyone have or know where I can get a pattern to make lapels for a...

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Ann-Marie Youngblood


Where to Purchase "I Do" flag cupcake topper

I was wonder where to purchase a little flag cupcake topper that says I Do...

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Silicone cake pop pan

Ive seen the metal cake pop pans but I’m looking for the silicone cake pop...

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Chocolate Espresso Cupcake Recipe

In honor of Valentine’s Day, thought I’d share what is my ABSOLUTE favorite...

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Moist Vanilla CC Recipe

Good Morning! I’m still searching to find a GOOD vanilla cupcake recipe...

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Judy Remaly


Tax Season Decoration Ideas

I work at an accounting firm as my full time job…but baking and decorating...