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Cupcake decorating techniques and cupcake baking ...

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Rose Cupcake Decoration

Hello, please have a look at my rose cupcake decoration. I made 24 cupcakes....

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Problem Charging for Cake Mix Cupakes

I have nothing against cake mixes! With that being said, I’m a 100%...

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Baby shower cup cakes

I would like to make my own cup cakes for my daughter’s baby shower. The...

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Sugar Baby Cake Company


Substitute for Dream Whip?

I have a cupcake recipe that calls for Dream Whip and I forgot to purchase...

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Help with my cupcakes

Could any one help me please I have have just made a batch of cupcakes but...

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cupcake holders

When I bake cupcakes in a liner or paper cup/holder the cake shows thru the...

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Milene Campos


Dome Cupcakes

Hello Everyone! I was trying to bake cupcakes with a dome….I have done...

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Michelle Amore Cakes


Piping Tip?

Is anyone please able to tell me what tip has been used on these cupcake….....

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Covering a cupcake completely in fondant

I have a bride that is requesting a 6" cake with 100 cupcakes completely...

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Amelie Sarah


Healthy Blueberry Flapjack recipe

Hi, Do you know one of the benefits of blueberry is its highest total...

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Michelle Keel


Lactose free spread

Hi, I have been asked to make some lactose free cupcakes, and as they are...

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Help with big order

Hi all, I’ve been asked to get a display stand at a brunch to raise money...

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Wettest Cupcakes

I need a good advice for my cupcakes are wetter. I tested recipes, and...

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What hapened with my cupcakes?

They rise into the oven….but when take out of the oven…they puff!!...

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Foil Cupcake Lines vs Paper Liners

I have been experimenting with flavors & I made Butterfinger Cupcakes...

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Tear Apart cupcake cake template

I would like to make a princess tiara tear apart cupcake cake. Is there...

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Would you like to be able to post buttercream cupcakes to friends, family and customers

Hi Everyone Brand new to this great site and thought we would ask you what...

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Becky Pendergraft


Cupcake Towers

So I’ve seriously been considering finally purchasing a nice multi-tiered...

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Sandra's cakes


Cupcakes boxes UK

Can anyone recommend a cupcake box supplier in UK wo deals with small...

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Need a wow factor, simple idea for cupcake decoration

Hello cupcake decorators We need to send some cupcakes to magazine editors...