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How to use JEM butterfly cutter set

How do you use JEM butterfly cutters? I have seen people make beautiful lace...

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Fondant Recipe That Doesn't Crack

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around the community for a while and I...

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Janine Lister

Ganache under fondant

Hi, i am wanting to try using ganache under my sugarpaste. I was just...

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When you wrap raffia around the bottom of the cake does it absorb the grease...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Crumbcoating on cakes

Hi, I have a question – how much buttercream do you use when...

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Divine Specialty

Looking for realistic fondant sculpture classes, anywhere????

I want to advance my fondant sculpture skills and is looking for a advance...

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Posting of pictures

Anyone have an idea how to rotate a picture?

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Life size shoe

If any one has a decent shoe template and want to share it I will...

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Octonaut pod

Hi can anyone give me advice on how to make octonaut pod please I am making...

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Carved recipe

Hi everyone. Im trying to find some cake recipe but good for carving. The...

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Cake board help

Hello! I have decorated a lovely cake for a very good friend’s birthday this...

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Cake Club trying to start one in Sacramento.

I tried this a while back but those that were interested didn’t actually...

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Water for a swimming pool cake

Question: I have a cake order coming up for a swimming pool birthday cake....

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HELP! how to make brown fondant

I have white and ivory fondant and I what to make chocolate brown WITHOUT...

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Hi everyone, I’m new so thought I’d say hello! I’ve been in business for...

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How to make a Turbo Cake - Disney Movie

i need help to make a 3D cake of Turbo – Disney Movie Someone have any...

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Ganache trick?

Hello all, (and thanks in advance for your help :-) Is there something I...

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Applying Fondant

Ok, so my routine of cake decorating is, I put my buttercream cakes in the...

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Le Torte di Marisa

Come fa una torta ad arrivare nelle top 15

Salve a tutti…sono nuova e mi piacerebbe sapere come funziona…come fa una...

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Fondant Figurines are cracking

I am a self taught when it comes to making figurines. I made my first Ariel...