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Cake design etiquette

Hi everyone, I have a friend that wants a cake to look exactly or as close to possible as a design she found online. What is the etiquette with that. The original cake artist did reference another cake tutorial but I am assuming most is...

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Wedding, Cake

Hi i am a new baker and was wondering if anyone has a good fruit cake recipe and a good sponge recipe, as i am going to try and make my own wedding cake. As i cannot afford to buy one they are so expensive. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Philip Stallone

Can anyone tell me how to make lemon pie

I am looking for a recipe of a perfect lemon pie. Please suggest me that. .

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help please! numtum cake

I’m looking to make a numtum cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I’m looking for some tips on how to make this cake. I’ve never carved a cake and have only used fondant once. I love a challenge! I just don’t know where to start. How many cakes to...

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Can you refridgerate a cake with fondant on it?

I think you can but want to be sure if I do, that when I take it out of the refrigerator, it won’t get wet or something. I just want the cake to be firm when I transport it. Please any help?

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Samantha Corey

Competitions cakes?

So I have never been to or seen a cake competition before. has anyone one here done one? Want to know what to expect form one. from tutorials and videos i have seen it seems like the cakes are dummy cakes..? How far in advance have you started on...

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Violet - The Violet Cake Shop

Just for Fun: Photos of Things (Other Than Another Cake) that Inspired A Design

Hi All, I just recently posted a cake that was inspired by a black & white ruffled dress by Valentino that popped up when I did a google search for something entirely unrelated, for another cake. After I made it, before I posted it here, I...

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Vacancy - Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft Teacher at Bath Cake Company

Bath Cake Company is looking to employ a part time casual Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft Teacher. Classes are usually held in the evening and at weekends. They include cupcake decorating, cake covering, making models and wired flowers. There are...

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Vacancy - Cake Decorator at Bath Cake Company

Bath Cake Company is looking to appoint an experienced cake baker and cake decorator to join our rapidly growing cake business and be part of the small bakery team. The job is part time based over two days, Tuesday and Friday, with extra hours...

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Baby cakes by amber

How to make buttercream glittery or shimmer

I’m doing a finding nemo cake and was wondering how I can make the blue buttercream sparkly or shimmery I don’t own a air brush machine an have no knowledge of how to use one I have seen buttercream cAkes very glittery in the past plz help me...

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Samantha Corey

Decorators block!

So normally I am very creative and have a tone of ideas. I have two days to make a cake for this contest and i cant think of anything to do. the only thing i thought of Im having problems seeing it come to life. When someone orders a cake I bring...

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"Dry Wax Circles" v. Parchment

I’ve never used “dry wax” and don’t know what it really means. I’m considering purchasing a case of these so I can stop cutting endless circles out of my parchment sheets, but don’t want to have gross, waxy-tasting cakes. Does anyone use them? Do...

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Baby cakes by amber

What kind of cake pan should I buy I do a baby bump cake

I’m doing this baby bmp cake for a baby shower and idk wut kind of pan I should but to make the belly all I have seen were soccer ball pans I also don’t know how to make the music notes on the ribbon plz help me asap

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Maggie Visser

Desperate for help!!!!!

I made this for a topping of a 5 layer wedding cake. Everything is sorted except my nerves. The reason is that the bottom layer must have ruffled roses around it. I have been looking at tutorials and some videos and tried to make it, but I am...

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superman cake topper

superman cake topper for children

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Minecraft Cake - Novelty Cake

Hello, this is a Minecraft Cake that I made. It’s my first ever cake order and it was really fun to make. Please have a quick look and please subscribe to my channel.

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Chocolate Brownies

Hello, these are my Chocolate Brownies. I think that these are the most successful ones that I’ve ever made.

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)


Hi everyone Can anyone point me in the direction of some good airbrushing tutorials please? I still don’t know what I’m doing with it lol Thanks

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AWG Hobby Cakes

Quilted fondant effect

I’m soon to use a quilted effect on a 8 or 9 inch round covered cake. Ive been a bit worried about the ends meeting up nicely. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It’s for a christening, so not really room for errors xxx thanks in advance xxx

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Flowerpot Cake

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone is able to give me any hints/tips advice etc. on making a flowerpot cake (making it for a 94th birthday!). I have come across a couple of tutorials & one of them shows making the actual cake in a terracotta...