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Hi all

What great group u all so talented so glad to be heir i’m from israel end mostly modeling white sugar past and i’m chef pasteri also and sorry for my english so nice to meth u all

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New modeling start

Horse standing will be her soon

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Fancy Fondant WA

Accupuncture needles - help?

Hi everyone, i want to make a cake for my chiropractor who gave me free treatment when I needed it badly (too much cake decorating – lol). I want to make Kung Fu Panda with all the accupuncture needles in him, but cant think of what to use for...

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Dessert By Design (Krystle)

Cake decorating parties

Hey everyone! So my daughters 12th birthday just passed and for her party she invited over 4 friends and we all decorated cakes together. Each girl got a 6" round, 3" high cake already ganached. We started with a cake design on paper then I...

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Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

Video Tutorial: The Making of a 6 Tier Wedding Cake

We had to do a big wedding cake for one of our regular customers at Yeners Way recently so we decided to film the entire process from conception to attending the actual wedding. It was an especially unique project because the cake was made on the...

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Elephant Cake

Hello, this is my Elephant Cake that I’d like to show everyone.

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Freshness timeline

I haven’t made cakes that a client is unsure of the party date. She is wanting it for Tuesday morning so was thinking baking Sunday, ice cover Monday. How long would a cake last not refrigerated for in days. It’s a chocolate cake, chocolate...

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How to make a swirl like this?

Hey all :) How can I make a swirl like this? What tip do I need to use? Any help is appreciated! Thamks! :)

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Fuzzy lines

I’ve noticed a lot of my sugar craft flowers seem to have like “fuzzy” lines theyre not straight. I was wondering how to make the lines smooth and not so… fuzzy? I use plastic cutters but I don’t think that would be the problem? What could I be...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

First Communion Open Book Cake

Hi, I have a client who just ordered an Open Book First Communion Cake – I have a pan that I can use in the shape of an open book, which would keep me from having to do any carving. However, I was wondering if anyone has tried to fill this...

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Karen Flude

Why did my grey fondant turn green???

Well I’m totally confused……..yesterday I made my second Millennium Falcon cake. I used extra black to create the shades of grey, but instead of “shades of grey” if you’ll pardon the pun. As the paste dried out I watched it change to shades of...

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Cheeky Munch Cakes

Air Brush Effect without Air Brush

Hello lovely cakes, Can anyone advice me on how to achieve this kind of two-toned colour in fondant without airbrush? Any tutorials you can direct me into? Thanks very much!

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Whisk or Paddle attachment?

Hiya! I’ve got a Kenwood major mixer which has both the paddle and whisk attachment. Which one is better for creaming the butter and sugar and consequently, the other ingredients? It says the paddle attachment in the manual but I think it...

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covering wires with fondant

Hello has any one covered wires with fondant, so that I then can curl them in either spirals or curls for a wedding cake, any thoughts or suggestions.

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Need advice for character cake

I’m going to try to make this cake. I don’t know where to start. Should I make a rectangle cake and carve it from that? Should I carve the head, body, tail separately and put them together after? I’m looking for the easiest method as I’m just...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)

Airbrushing to make a black cake

Hi everyone I’m in need of some help please. I have to cover a large 11" cake black. To keep the cost down (and ensure it tastes nice) I was going to cover the cake in grey fondant and then spray it black with my airbrush. I just wondered if...

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Cake design etiquette

Hi everyone, I have a friend that wants a cake to look exactly or as close to possible as a design she found online. What is the etiquette with that. The original cake artist did reference another cake tutorial but I am assuming most is...

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Wedding, Cake

Hi i am a new baker and was wondering if anyone has a good fruit cake recipe and a good sponge recipe, as i am going to try and make my own wedding cake. As i cannot afford to buy one they are so expensive. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Philip Stallone

Can anyone tell me how to make lemon pie

I am looking for a recipe of a perfect lemon pie. Please suggest me that. .