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2 Tiers

Newbie here… I am making my first 2 tiered cake this weekend. It’s for an...

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Wire frame for posing figures Help

Hi everyone, I need some help I’m looking for the best thing to use for...

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Cmc or tylose

Whats the difference between cmc and tylose. Does anyone make their own gum...

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Prima Cakes Plus

Glow in the Dark

A while ago I saw a food network challenge where Kaysie Lackey made her cake...

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Superman Fortress Cake

How do you make the strips of white chocolate for the Superman Fortress of...

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How do you deal with family who orders novelty cakes from another person?

I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences and if anyone can help...

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Chenai Pise

Can i let my best friend down?

Hello everyone, my best friend wants me to make a cake for her wedding. My...

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I do not like the taste of my butter meringue frosting.

So I made my first butter meringue frosting wan was really excited. I made...

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Cupcake Delight

Help needed

Hi I am new to cakes decor . I was wandering if anyone had any tips, as I...

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Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes


I’m heading to Aukland NZ tomorrow does anyone know of any good cake...

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Yvonne Beesley

Isomalt Fail

Hi there. I bought Squires Kitchen Isomalt Nibs for the first time last...

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Cakes By Karen, Dayton, Tx.

How to price your cakes.

I started doing this for my Grandchildren but I have people wanting me to...

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How do I do this?

I’m planning on making a cake like this in a couple of weeks, and I’m...

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Cake Decorating? Where to start?!

I really want to get into cake decorating but I have no idea where to start!...

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Ninja Turtle Cake

Hi everyone! I just received a last minute call for a Ninja Turtle cake for...

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cant find small gift bag tutorial

Been searching high and low but can’t seem to find a tutorial for small...

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Cake decorating courses

Hi everybody; İ will be in NY for 15 days between the dates of 26 may- 9...

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Airbrush Beginner

I recently purchased a airbrush machine but I’m super scared to use it....

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rose ruffle effect


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Barbie Cake with Base - Support Help

I’m making a cake very similar to this...