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40th bday cake- pop culture ideas needed

So— wish I was still 40 but… Alas Im not— and wow 6 years seems to really...

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Gumpaste vs. Fondant + Tylose Powder

Will I be able to get a good result in making figurine using fondant with...

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I have an order for a 50th birthday cake for a lady that travels a lot. That...

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Filler Flowers/Blossoms

I would like to practice making gumpaste filler flowers/blossoms, therefore...

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Frostilicious Cakes & Cupcakes


Canadian Cake Decorators!!

Hello everybody, I have a lot of cakey friends from around the world. ...

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40th Bday Nursing theme- ideas needed!!!!!

Hi Guys— Reaching out for some ideas— ANY ideas!! Ha The cake is for...

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Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)


HELP!! Boiled icing

Hi all, I have a bride and groom that are requesting boiled icing (Italian...

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Buttercream with Fondant decorations?

All right, I am a well experienced cake baker and decorator. However, ALL...

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Elegant lace mold 207

Hi all, has ANYONE got one of these I can loan / buy …mine is damaged and I...

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Paul bradford online tutorials

Hi , I have a cake business but am trying to improve my skills. Has anybody...

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Liz Huber


Who else is a addict?

I have to say I check website as much as I check my facebook...

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Michal Bulla


You know you're a cake decorator, if ...

You know you’re a cake decorator if: 1. You are looking at a Gucci handbag...

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silver edible airbrush paint

Does anyone else but me have this problem?.. My silver airbrush paint always...

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Sonia Eddy


How to use isomalt to make sugar gems

As a newby to cake decorating, was wonder if anyone had a tip or tutorial on...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop


How do I support this heavy topper?

Hi Everyone! My bride wants to place this ceramic heart on her cake....

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Food Hygiene IBC vs SBC

Just curious as to what your opinions are as to IBC vs SMC regarding...

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Janice Baybutt


Buttercream covered cake for outdoors

Hello there, I’m looking for a bit of advice. I’ve been asked to make a...

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Ali Davis


Covering Dummy Cakes in Fondant

I recently had the hardest time covering a 6 in cake dummy. I covered the 10...

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Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn


Social Media Etiquette

Hello Lovelies, I’m very interested in your opinions on social media...

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HELP...need some help and ideas

I have been asked to make a stacked black and white “diva” cake. I am...