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Emine Pazan


Urgent: searching for the perfect macaron recipe

Hi, I tried a lot of recepies but nothing works. I see amazing macarons...

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Isomolt mold help

I am needing to make a modelf a grey goose vodka bottle for an upcoming...

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Hello, newbie here

Hi I just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to looking at your...

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Natasha Thomas


On the hunt for a vanilla cake for keeps :)

Hi all Can I please ask a bit of a boring question (sorry!!)? I’m trying...

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latte glass cake

Hi all Decorators Help needed, I have been asked to make a latte cake in...

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Birthday cakes made by my wife.

Hello, my wife recently started to make cakes. I´m so proud that i decided...

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I need more gluten free recipes.

I’ve been getting asked for gluten free cakes and need more recipes. And I...

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Tammy Barrett


3 tier wedding cake

Is it possible to put the 3 tiers together and then transport it? A...

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Transporting wedding cakes

When transporting a wedding cake for anything over 3 tiers how do you do it?...

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Mikooklin's Cakery


Whipped frosting

Hi does anyone have a great whipped frosting recipe that they are willing to...

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Baking cakes...

Hi there, How far in advance do you bake your cakes for them to remain...

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Black Royal Icing

Hi everyone….I have seen many cakes with black stenciling on them, my...

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stencil cake

Hi im new on the forum so apologies in advance if I mess up. I was wanting...

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Keeping buttercream roses on the cake?

Hi, can anyone help? I recently made a cake and piped buttercream roses...

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What's this cake carving style called?

Whats this style of cake carving called and where can I find the tutorial...

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Natasha Thomas


Sugar flowers and sugarpaste models - advice to customers

Hi all I’m very new to cakes and this site so please forgive me if this...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes



I have been asked by a client to make a “ranch house” cake for their...

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HELP - Hot Chocolate Calla Lilly Gumpaste Colour

I need some help with coloring calla lillies I am making for a friend’s...

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Chris Jones


'White' SMBC?

How can I make white SMBC? I have a request for SMBC on a wedding cake in...

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Truck Cake

So here is a my attempt at the first cake i’ve ever made…I...