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Mardie Makes Cakes


Advice for Storing Fondant Figures Please!

Hello Those-In-The-Know! I’ve been asked to make a Dorothy the Dinosaur...

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Laura Loukaides


What would you like to see made from Cake?

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all okay :) I’m always looking to make new...

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Starry Delights


Blending fondant

Hi I was just wondering how do you blend seams on your cakes or decorations...

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Roo's Little Cake Parlour


Mirror effect

I would like to make a little framed mirror to go on a cake, has anyone got...

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What fondant do you use???

I have been buying the asda fondant and it seems fine and always does the...

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Basket handle mess ups :-(

I made my first basket cake yesterday. I was worried about the weaving but...

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Christmas Cake Contest

I’m wondering when we find out who won this contest? I haven’t seen any...

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Modeling chocolate

I have not made or used modeling chocolate yet, but I want to give it a try....

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Slice of Sweet Art


Cake Decorating Tasks you HATE to do . . .

taking a que from Calliicious in an earlier thread . . . What tasks do...

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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)


OMG! Christmas comp so hard to choose!

Hi guys, ive just spent about 4 hours trying to narrow down what cakes to...

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Faux Cakes

Does anyone know if or where you can buy faux cakes already covered in...

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Super Mario Tutorial


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Help finding back issue of magazine

I am trying to find issue 114 of Squires Kitchen cake and sugarcraft...

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Karen Flude


Making a large square cake in a domestic oven

Hello my lovely cake friends xx I’m hoping you might be able to help me...

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Roo's Little Cake Parlour


Disney's Belle

I have been asked to make a cake with a Belle figure. I must admit, am...

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Michelle Keel


Naked wedding cake tips

I have been asked to make a 4 tier naked wedding cake and after hours of...

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Calling in some ideas... please!

Hi all, I am asked to make a cake for a gentleman who is turning 60 and...

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Tea - pot and cup cake

Hi everyone. Can someone send me a tutorial on a tea pot and cup with sauce...

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Rita's Cakes


What type of fondant is the best?

I have always made MMF. I do everything with it. Like covering cakes and...

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Great Gatsby Theme

Hi all, someone wants me to make a great gatsby themed cake for them. A...