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Kendra Hicks

Royal Blue Fondant

I have a cake due on Friday in which the 10" base tier needs to be royal...

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stacking fondant covered tiers

was wondering everyone’s preferred method of stacking a fondant covered...

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Frills? Upside down frills? Can somebody please tell me how to do this?

Hi everyone :) I’ve seen so many cake that are covered in frills and upside...

581 views, 3 0 by Mikooklin's Cakery

Mikooklin's Cakery

Grooms Cake

Ok so the cake will be a lemon cake and I was thinking a lemon-blueberry...

1,439 views, 3 0 by carole

priest decoration cake help!

hello everyone :) It’s going to be the first time using this amazing page....

2,398 views, 3 0 by pink sugar frosting

pink sugar frosting

coco form

is any one know what is the cocoform is? and wt is the recipe of it? i know...

4,696 views, 6 0 by Kelle's Cakes

Kelle's Cakes

Advice on making edible Lego figures

Hi! I’m new to the site and excited to be here! I can’t wait to start...

648 views, 3 0 by Shameless Sweets by Sarah

Shameless Sweets by Sarah

Help with cake saying

I am doing a bithday cake for an 18 year old microbiology major. Her mom...

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sale on Fondx brand fondant at Sweet Wise

just wanted to make sure everyone knew that is having a super...

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Fondant: what brand do you prefer

Hey everyone, I have been using the wilton brand fondant (only started...

667 views, 4 1 by Rita's Cakes

Rita's Cakes

Where does everyone buy the supplies?

I was wondering where everyone bought their cake supplies online?

882 views, 0 0 by Ansa


Duff Airbrush Problem

I bought the Duff airbrush back in Dec. I used it maybe 2 times. When Im...

1,049 views, 5 0 by Slice of Sweet Art

Slice of Sweet Art

Help! Chocolate & Nut Allergies!!!!

I have a few cake orders coming up with known nut allergies and they want...

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Stabilizing Whipped Cream

I’m doing a whipped cream cake tomorrow. I use the “No Weep” Whipped Cream...

922 views, 2 0 by Sandy


Damask on buttercream

Hello everyone. Can anyone share secrects and how tos on how to stencil with...

581 views, 1 0 by weeali

Need some advice please on stacking cake sideways

HI I’m new here I need a bit of advice. I have a customer who wants a cake...

4,744 views, 6 1 by Justbakedcakes


Diaper bag cake

Hi all!! I’m searching for instructions for making a diaperbag cake! I know...

976 views, 4 0 by RBsCakes

Painting cake with food paste colours?

I cannot use vodka or any other form of alcohol in my cakes. Hence, painting...

599 views, 3 0 by Ansa


Cake Stacking

I am making a single layer sheet cake for a bachelorette party with a …….....

1,006 views, 1 0 by Sophisticated


Male abdomen cake: Help!

Hello everyone, I am new here, and fairly new at cake decorating. I hope you...