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Cakes by Maray

Inserting wired Sugar flowers in cake

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to cake decorating and I desperately need your advice. I have read numerous times how you should not insert wires in cake. I have also read that if you covered the wire in floral tape and white chocolate, it...

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What type of Fondant do you use?

I’m wondering what type of fondant everyone uses. More orders are coming in and I simply don’t have time to make my own fondant always. I love Pearl Clay but the Pettinice is too soft without the chocolate (and I think that’s more for decorations...

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Kendra Hicks

Design Dilemma on Mehndi Pattern

Hey, guys. I have a design dilemma and I would appreciate your advice. A bride has contacted me requesting a wedding cake with a design similar to this one by Jen’s Cakes. Here’s my dilemma: I’m NOT a great piper and I definitely know...

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Sugaredproductions website

How many of you have checked out Sharon Zambito’s new website? The name of it is Sharon has done a super job of putting it together. There are lots of great tutorials- some by guest instructors – and she will be...

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Fondant petals on a buttercream cake?

I have a request for this cake for an upcoming wedding ~ only she insists it be a buttercream cake. 4 tiers. 4 tiers and petals I can handle, but petals on buttercream…. makes me nervous!! Would you do it? Do you think it will hold up??

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Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes

Male decorators head count

Hi, I am just curious to know out of the thousands of people using this site how many male decorators do we have? May be 5% or less!

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Help with precise division, Buttercream colors

I’m making a science beaker cake (the upside-down triangular shape) and want to frost the “liquid” in one color and the “empty” party in another. I’d love to get that line really, really sharp and level. I’ll be using buttercream rather than...

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How to use JEM butterfly cutter set

How do you use JEM butterfly cutters? I have seen people make beautiful lace butterflies using these cutters, so I went ahead and ordered a set. When I received them I was so exited to use them but didn’t realize how tricky they are. After...

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Fondant Recipe That Doesn't Crack

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around the community for a while and I think you are all amazing. I was hoping I could get some advice from you all and maybe an alternative recipe. Right now I use marshmallow fondant, mostly just because it...

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Janine Lister

Ganache under fondant

Hi, i am wanting to try using ganache under my sugarpaste. I was just wondering how long does ganache last before it goes bad without being stored in the fridge. Just confused on the safety with it being made with cream. Thanks!!

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When you wrap raffia around the bottom of the cake does it absorb the grease from the buttercream like ribbon does? Thanks in advance

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Crumbcoating on cakes

Hi, I have a question – how much buttercream do you use when crumbcoating a cake to get it ready for fondant? Do you add a second layer of buttercream right before putting on the fondant? I’m curious because every time I crumbcoat a...

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Divine Specialty

Looking for realistic fondant sculpture classes, anywhere????

I want to advance my fondant sculpture skills and is looking for a advance course to master the art. I would like to make sculpture people, animal, things to look realistic. Do you know of any class. It doesn’t matter where it is ( USA, Italy,...

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Posting of pictures

Anyone have an idea how to rotate a picture?

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Life size shoe

If any one has a decent shoe template and want to share it I will appreciate it.. With the first order I had to improvise and cut a sole from a store bought inner sole etc. I have not had a chance to make a better shoe ….

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Octonaut pod

Hi can anyone give me advice on how to make octonaut pod please I am making 9 inch round cake and want to make pod to sit on top I’ve made some characters I thought about making it out of rkt and moulding it or to make cake instead help ! Thank...

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Carved recipe

Hi everyone. Im trying to find some cake recipe but good for carving. The last one was good but tooooo dense and it weights a lot. Thanks everyone

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Cake board help

Hello! I have decorated a lovely cake for a very good friend’s birthday this evening, and I used a cardboard cake board. Of course the oils in the icing have stained the board. What can I do to make it look better? It’s not a huge deal since its...

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Cake Club trying to start one in Sacramento.

I tried this a while back but those that were interested didn’t actually commit. There are cake clubs everywhere but in our area Sacramento, would love to get one started. I travel to texas to their cake club events, san diego, oregon. But here...

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Water for a swimming pool cake

Question: I have a cake order coming up for a swimming pool birthday cake. This will be swimming pool with lane lines floating in water. Any ideas on what to use for the water. I was thinking colored piping gell, but since I have never tried or...