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Louis Vuitton decorations

Hey all, Any tips on how to get LV and symbols on cake without freehanding the designs? Stencils or stamps etc? Just trying to figure out the easiest way

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Peacock Bridal Shower cake

Hello fellow cake decorator’s! :D I am looking for some advice on how to make a beautiful peacock cake for a bridal shower… I am looking for any and every suggestions you might have!! Thanks so much!!

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Massa Grischuna

anyone use or have used this brand of rolled fondant? is of good taste? Compared with Fondarific and Satin Ice …I need to know about consintencia and flexibility of this product. thanks

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Cake Decorating Books

What are some of your favorite books or websites that you turn to for reference when it comes to cake baking and cake decorating?

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Sheet Cake pans, Help!

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at sheet cake pans and there is so much information out there on the sizes and the amount of people they feed. It creates a confusion for me. Based on your experience, what are the most common sizes of sheet cake pans...

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Cup & Cakes

Modeling Chocolate..... Making Sticky Sweat beads !?!

Hi Everyone, I made a Modeling Chocolate Figure a week before i had to deliver the cake. Because we live in a humid area I listened and kept it in a dry place….. BUT when I got to it, it started making little sweat beads… all sticky. I tried...

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sponge recipe

I need your opinion on what sponge mixture to use, I am struggling to find a recipe that will last and stay moist, I have tried Victoria sponge, which tastes nice but doesnt last very long so tried the madiera recipe but it was too dry, has any...

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Amy Ashford

Ribbon on Buttercream??

Im making a buttercream wedding cake and I am planning on adding a silk ribbon for the border. Im worried though about oil soaking into it. Is there any tips to prevent this?? :)

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Beverley Childs

Tutorials This is my facebook page, their is lots of tutorials, cake decorating info and pictures of my cakes and toppers. Hope you find the tutorials useful. x

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Sugar&Spice by NA

Yellow tractor

Hi! please does anyone has a tutorial on yellow tractor? not the green one though, the one that is yellow and can carry stones? Thank you all for your help!

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Maria Davis

Help with Vegan RKT

Hi! I have a friend who is a strict VEGAN (no animal or dairy products AT ALL). She wants to sculpt a large dragon (think almost table size in length) but is looking for an alternative to RKT. She found a few recipes that use corn syrup but is...

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Piping Gel -help please

Hi everyone, I am panning on making a cake with a golf themed top. In addition to the putting green, bunkers etc I am thinking of doing a lake & using coloured piping gel for the water. I’ve made the gel tonight but it doesn’t seem really...

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Upside Down Three Tier wedding cake.

Hi Guys, I have been asked to do an upside down three tier wedding cake next year. After googling it I have discovered a really neat cake stand to do the job but its in America! and with shipping cost it will cost me over £120.00. My question...

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cake serving chart and price that can help you Images for cake serving chart and price I hope that help.

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covering tall cake

How do I do a tall cake 9 inch tall and wide. Do i try and cover it all in one piece or should I do panels?? Cake iscovered in ganache .

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Sugar&Spice by NA

shining fondant

Hello everyone, please can someone tell me how to get the fondant 1st shining like lustre, i mean like satin color. 2nd i bought a pink shining powder, i tried to mix it with the fondant but it just disappeared, how to use that powder, do i just...

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patterns inside a cake

Hello, I seen this picture on the internet the other day. I was wondering if anybody has an idea how its made? I was wondering if they used short bread cookie dough or cake sponge. If you were to use “cooked” cake sponge, would it not...

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Buttercream and fondant

Hiya, would like your advice on applying buttercream before the fondant. Do you all first crumb coat it? And if so how long do you wait before applying second coat of buttercream and again before fondant?

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Sugar&Spice by NA


Hello! I have noticed yesterday that by handling the fondant too much, it becomes to crack in my hands, and sticky, even if the AC is on? it happens to me when i’m trying to reach a certain color, and each time i add a tiny bit of color i have to...

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icing like Ck Products

Does anyone have a recipe similar to CK products white buttercream. I love the icing but the shipping is killing me.