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Christmas Chocolate Cake Recipe

Christmas Chocolate Cake is supposed to be the best alternative for one who does not keen of fruit cake. It is as popular as and yummier than the traditional fruit cakes. Ingredients: 420 grams of very dark chocolate 220 grams of butter...

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Laura Loukaides

What is Chocolate Mousse?

As I look around Cakes Decor I see that many of you use Chocolate Mousse in your cakes. Can someone please tell me what it is because it sounds AMAZING!! Thank you Xx

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Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)

A question for you

Hello Cake decorators! I write because I need an honest opinion … you might take a look at these cakes and tell me what you think? Why I do every time I try to give my best and to improve my work, but I think it is underappreciated: (it’s a...

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How to make a gumpaste high heeled shoes

Hie guys. May anyone send me information or tutorial on how to make a gumpaste high heel shoe.

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Beata Khoo

Dragon cake 2

Can anyone help how to make this dragon in that position, it it possible And I need opinion if I can actually do something like this- or is it possible to make dragon in the air and standing on his tail like the picture? Thank you ;)

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Vans shoe cake

Hi all, my son has requested a Vans shoe cake for his birthday, I have seen one on Cakes Decor. Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial on this. I am stumped.. Thanks

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How to make a peacock body

Any ideas on how to make the body of a peacock from gum paste

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Which cake will you prefer on christmas party?

Christmas is coming after two months so i started the preparation of the Christmas. i have arrange a party at my house on that day. but little bit confuse regarding cake.i do not understand which cake i will arrange on that day. so guys as per...

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Bewildered Father

I have an unusual request/topic. My daughter wants to go to school for Pastry Arts. We hope to open a specialty cake business in PA or SC way off in the future. There is a lot I could tell you about future plans but for now we need advice....

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Raewyn Read Cake Design

Have you met up with any of your fabulous cake friends?

I would love you all to share your stories and pictures of meetings you have had with the cake friends you have made online :)

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Great American Cake Show

Is anyone heading to the Great American Cake Show on 10/19 – 20? I would love to meet up with fellow cakers if anyone was interested. Let me know I will be there all weekend since I am entering a cake.

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Are you a procrastinator?

I am such a big procrastinator! In fact, I seem to get my best work done when I am under pressure! Right now I should be working on a cake, but here I am on CakesDecor checking out everyone’s lovely work. Anyone else a big procrastinator, or...

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Entering a local show

Hi everyone, Im new to Cakes Decor and this is my first forum topic so please forgive me if this has been asked a thousand times before. There’s a spring fair in town next weekend and they have a cake baking competition. I thought it might be...

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Carrot Cake Recipe

Today we have a commonly loved and baked dessert consisting of carrots. Mommy reads out stories where bunnies love carrots and when moms bake them it is easy to feed a child with them along with dessert. Ingrediants: 1. 250 gms or 2-3 cups of...

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Hennessy Bottle Cake

A friend of miness would like me to make her a 3D Hennessy liquor bottle I’ve made the 2D version (laying down) but I dont know what size cakes to start with and how to go from there. She needs it to feed about 20 people, so what size cakes...

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2 Tiers

Newbie here… I am making my first 2 tiered cake this weekend. It’s for an outdoor party, so I wont really have access to much at the destination. I’m just wondering, do you guys usually bring them to places unstacked, or do you stack them at...

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Wire frame for posing figures Help

Hi everyone, I need some help I’m looking for the best thing to use for moulding gumpaste around for poseable figures, I want something fairly thick fir the fondant to stick to, I’ve seen on cake boss on tv they use a brown wired material does...

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Cmc or tylose

Whats the difference between cmc and tylose. Does anyone make their own gum paste? Does any one have a good recipe to share?

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Glow in the Dark

A while ago I saw a food network challenge where Kaysie Lackey made her cake glow in the dark. I can’t remember what she used to do it. I want to try to make a cake glow in a few months and was wondering if anyone remembered or knew how to make...

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Superman Fortress Cake

How do you make the strips of white chocolate for the Superman Fortress of Steel Cake? What size pans should I use? I’ve never done this before but I love the cake and want to make it for my grandson’s birthday.