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80 year old

Ok help please with this one! My best friends father is 80 next wednesday!! Funny Man.! So ive decided to make his cake! Now this Man. Loves germolene cream! Uses it for everything! So i want to make a tube of germolene cake! Why! Because i...

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Karen de Perez


I have a really problem qwth my fondant… I live in El Salvador and we used a lot topping from Rich’s…so I did a strawberry with cream cake and I covered with topping and then I with satin Ice fondant. My fondant started to “cry” …. :( What...

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Kitti Lightfoot

What happened to my sugar bottles?!?!?!

I made these sugar bottles last night using isomalt and filtered water. They looked fine until today. They look like they crystallized over night. Has this happened to anyone? Can I fix it? Did I do something wrong? I brought the isomalt up to...

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Boxed cake vs Scratch cake?

Which is better to use? Cake made from scratch? Or cake mix from a box? I feel in the long run from scratch is best, but if I’m just practicing I can use box cake right?

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Hi there I am making and decorating 230 cupcakes for my best friends wedding however I was going to use a boiled icing but am now hearing it can’t be made the day before!!?? Buttercream is way to expensive for me to make and I really dont want...

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Icecream cone cake need help

Making icecream cone bottom out of foam and covered with fondant to look like a sugar cone but bottom is not pointed because drill bit wouldn’t get all the way to pointy tip so part had to be trimmed. What to do to mask flatter bottom?

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Cake Carnival

Wondering if any Cakes Decor members are attending Cake Carnival at Icing Inspirations in November. Would be nice to put faces to the names we see on here…..

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Owl tutorial

Hello! Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to make a fondant/gum paste owl topper or decoration, plz?? Appreciate it!!

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Smoother Buttercream

I know there has been plenty of discussions previously on here about buttercream. I am looking to try to shorten some work time and a lot of customers would rather have buttercream. I’m having problems with a good recipe for smooth finish. ...

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I’m slightly confused, I was just wondering if you could cover cakes with sugarpaste. I know you cover with fondant- is it the same thing? Being in the UK the names differ, It’s so confusing!! Xx

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Too Early to Cover???

Hi Guys- I am doing two Sweet Sixteen Cakes- both are three tiered – one due on Friday afternoon and the other is due Sunday afternoon- I would like to try and get done asap- with time to spare- (never seems to happen for me ugh!!) Is filling...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Coco Channel Purse tutorial

Hi, I’ve been asked to do a Coco Channel purse and Coco Channel cookies for a Sweet 16th birthday party. Does anybody have a tutorial they’d like to share? Many thanks. Funfetti Cakes

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Is Satin Ice a good option for a newbie?

Hi everyone, I am a vegan and will be using Satin Ice for decorating a cake. Would appreciate any feedback on Satin Ice and also would like to know if there are any other vegan options for fondant. Thanks in advance. Barbismom.

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Leopard Print inside cake

Does anyone know how to make Leopard print inside a cake??

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Looking for a delicious cream cheese raspberry buttercream recipe

Hi, I’ve been asked to make a fondant covered chocolate cake with a raspberry/cream cheese filling. I was wondering if anybody has a recipe that can also be used to crumbcoat the cake – I’ve never tried that before. All recipes welcome… :))))

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Tylo and modelling chocolate.

Morning. Quick question if anyone can help. Can you add tylo to modelling chocolate ??? I want to make a log for a monkey to sit on but I have used modelling choc For the majority of the dec’s but don’t think it will firm up enough or stay...

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Ideas on design welcome

Hi all, I have been asked to make a cake for twins celebrating their second birthday. The client doesn’t need the cake to be too big but does want it to incorporate Minnie Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine. The obvious choice would be a train with...

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Ideas anyone???

Please help!!! I have a request for a 3 tier black and silver cake with needs to look elegant for her 50 th Birthday. I was thinking a bit of bling and maybe a few fantasy flowers but not Sure as the only cakes I have done before are novelty.....

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newbie ... be gentle lol

Hi I’ve just started playing about with cake decorating and just figuring things out as I go along. Found this site and I think it looks really good. Hopefully I will get more tips and inspiration. Lyn x

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Favourite tools!!!!

Hi guys!! So everybody on here obviously likes cake decorating right?? But tell me what is your favourite tool to use- mine are my piping nozzles as I love to create different designs!! Xx