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Gumpaste Care Bears

Does anyone know or have a tutorial on Gumpaste Care Bears & rainbows....

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)


My cake picture in the NY Times

I am excited and honored that my gender reveal cake picture will be in an...

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Where do you buy sprinkles?

Do you get them online? In bulk or not in bulk?

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Meghan Smith


LED Lights for cakes

O.K. guys so I’ve looked and looked and can NOT find the LED multi color...

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pink sugar frosting


how to make bed head board and foot board

i m making my daughter BD cake its actually a replicate of her (messy) room...

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Edible Printers?

So, I’m considering getting an edible printer for my little cake business...

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Nikki Belleperche


Carpel Tunnel and piping.

I have the beginning stages of carpel tunnel, and have before I ever even...

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Loren Ebert


Male Torso Cake

Hello Fabulous Cake Artists! I need your advice… I’ve been asked to make a...

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iphone cake tips

Hi . i am a newbie to cake decorating . can anyone please share a tutorial...

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I could really use some help. I could use some tips for successful stacking....

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good firm recipe for ball cake?

Hello! I am going to attamt my first teapot cake with the winton ball pan. I...

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Cake Cricut Mini

Hi Everyone, So My Lovely Niece just bought me a Cake Cricut for my...

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phineas and ferb

Hello cakers, anybody has any idea how to do phineas and ferb character?...

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marlyn rivera


how to lessen the sweetness of fondant

Most of my customer said that fondant is too sweet. I’m using mmf and i also...

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Question about Practicing Cake Decorating Techniques

I know that my question my sound strange, but what is the best way to learn...

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Little Cherry


Advanced Cake classes

anyone know of any? I recently missed an awesome one which I wasnt able to...

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Rita's Cakes


How to post pics from iPad.

Does anyone know how to post a cake pic from your iPad? Thanks so much!

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In search of a good gluten free chocolate cake recipe for wedding cake

I’ve seen some really nice cakes made on here made from gf recipes! I have...

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cheryl arme


air brushing fondant

Hi everyone! How long does it take for airbrushed food color to dry before...

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What are your top 3 favorite decorating tools?

If you had to pick 3 tools you couldn’t live without what would you pick? ...