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silver and gold gel

Cake making is my hobby. Will anybody tell me where can I get silver and gold gel color? Thank you very much.

1,826 views, 13 0 by Priscilla


Fondant.. Fondix, Satin Ice, Wilton, Marshie?

What kind of fondant do you prefer & you think is easy to work with. I usually use Wilton but it gets hard so fast or I have noticed my cakes look alil to thick compared to others I have seen. Maybe its just I don’t roll it enough makes it...

1,012 views, 5 0 by Fun Fiesta Cakes

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Thank You

I’d like to thank all the people who responded to my call for help in making a boxing championship belt. I made it out of gumpaste/fondant, which worked out very well. This was a fun project! As promised, I’m sending a picture of the...

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Hello I'm new to this

Goodmorning, I created 23 different flowers, I am from south africa. And next year I’d like to join the competition for cake decoration. My name is Christelle, and The name “GoldenFeather” is from the last job I did at a resaurant. I am 22 years...

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Pricing! Help!

I’m just starting out selling my cakes but I find it so difficult to charge people! I try to figure how much fondant is needed and my work but since I’m just starting out and my work still has some flaws in it, well I think people will think I’m...

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Jodie Stone

Heart shaped cakes

Can i have some help with heart shaped.tins and recipes please? 8 “and 10”

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Help with Whipped Cream Frosting

I have NEVER made whipped frosting before. I am a buttercream fondant user but I know the day will come when someone will ask me for a whipped cream cake any easy recipe suggestions? I may need to practice..

534 views, 2 0 by tupsy cakes

tupsy cakes

gluing swarovsky on gumpaste??

Hello every body i need to make a christening cake and it has a cross all covered with cristals i’been readding and most say tylose glue :) or RI instead my question is the cross must be dry or it’s ok when still fresh thanks very...

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Karen de Perez



2,488 views, 4 0 by sft

Edible Glue and gun Gun?

I have been seeing the SASSIE thing…..It’s a great concept. Been putting off buying it, but after every cake I think, wow would have loved to have that. I hate RI, have mixed up the tylose glue stuff, done the piping gel for sticking things. I...

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Old Book Cake

Hello I need your experience, advices, suggestions .. all ideas about how can I do this cake (black book) My client want the book in color emerald green and the letters in gold any Idea???

1,324 views, 4 0 by Nancy Travis Wheaton's Fancy Cakes

Nancy Travis Wheaton's Fancy Cakes

Silicon molds

Has anyone used the First Impressions Filigree Snowflake mold? I have trie to get different mediums out and it breaks into many pieces every time.I have tried the freezer method and dusting with cornstarch but still no luck.Please help!!

1,645 views, 7 0 by Fun Fiesta Cakes

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Boxing Belt - helppppp!

I am part of a team who will be making a birthday cake for a world boxing champion. I am in charge of making the Champion belt – I’m fine with making the actual belt, but I’m open to suggestions about how to make the center piece – it has...

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drying fondant/gumpaste

someone told me I could dry fondant/gumpaste items faster in a food dehydrator ,just wondering if anyone has done this and what are your thoughts on doing it ?

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Bobbie Riddles

Oklahoma Food Cottage Law

I am trying to help pass the Oklahoma Food Cottage Law. However, I am finding it difficult to contact anyone. So, I have started a Facebook page called “Oklahoma Food Cottage Law”. If you would like to help pass this legislation, I hope you will...

1,317 views, 3 0 by Joyce Nimmo

Joyce Nimmo

wedding cake contract?

Since I am new at decorating and even newer at selling them please help. I have an order for next summer for a wedding cake and the bride is asking for a contract before handing over the deposit, makes perfect since to me. Problem is I have no...

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Karen MacFadyen

A facebook enquiry

Hi all, I received the post below onto my facebook page. We at CakeCoachOnline share gorgeous creations, craft tips, business ideas, inspirational quotes and sometimes the totally bizarre. However sometimes people add messages to my page –...

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Attaching ribbon to fondant?

Hey all, I am nt sure how to attach ribbon, real ribbon, to a fondant covered cake? Also, which type of ribbon to use? And can you attach it to buttercream, not just fondant? Also how would attach ribbon in three places on one tier, for example a...

1,112 views, 2 0 by Iced Images Cakes (Karen Ker)

Iced Images Cakes (Karen Ker)

Edible diamanté

I have a bride who wants to use edible diamanté on her cake. The only edible ones I can find say that they melt or go cloudy in humidity and as the wedding is in July it could be quite humid. I have suggested replacing the diamanté with silver...

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sugarpaste figures

Hi everybody, can someone give me some advice on how to support sugarpaste figures when standing up! Mine always end up slowly leaning to one side! I’m new on this forum and am slowly learning how to use it! I live in the UK but advice from...