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Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Icing a tall cake ..urgent help needed :(

Hi all, I very stupidly said I would make a wedding cake for a friends wedding (which is tomorrow) I’m just trying to ice the bottom tier which is 6 inches tall ( I realsie I should have practiced before telling her I could do it!) I’m...

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Please, Please, Please put watermarks on your photos. Let people know who made that cake! In todays digital age people will copy and use your cake photos.

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Koek Krummels


Hello my fellow cake decorating friends! I have a huge problem that I created for myself. I sais yes to a cake I dont know how to make. If anyone can give me some advise on how to. I will appreciate it. It is a Dragon wedding cake. ...

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Bee Siang

How to handle humidity to get perfectly dry petals

Hi everyone, I need some advices on how to get perfectly dry petals for sugar flowers. I’ve already added cmc and cornstarch, even store the petals in an air-con room. None works well. Is there any tool/machine to get rid of the humidity?...

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Delivery charges

Generally I don’t charge for delivery , but this one is over 40 miles and it is a very large cake to set up , so any ideas on how much I should charge please .

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Balancing Figures

Hello cake decorators! I’ve been having the urge to make balancing figurines (on top of each other, on a ball, etc.) but don’t know where to start. Are the figures supported by thick wires or sticks? Any tips would be appreciated! :)

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purse and sagging

Hey all. Why when I make a purse cake does the fondant I cover it with droop at the very bottom? It continues sliding for a while too. I usually decorate it right after I cover it because I am usually stamping letters etc on it. Any answers would...

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HELP! weight cake

Hi everyone! I’m an 18 year old self taught cake decorator and I’ve been asked to make 2 round black weights for someone who loves to work out. The cake is for 20 people. Only issue is i don’t know where to start, i can’t find any cake examples...

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Raewyn Read Cake Design

Cake, Bake & Sugar Art Show - Sydney Australia

Woohoo!! Sydney is hosting the inaugural Cake, Bake & Sugar Art Show at the end of this month. I’ll be heading there, hope you can join me :) When – 27th – 28th July 2013 Where – Wests Leagues Club, 16 Old Leumeah Rd, Leumeah, NSW, 2560 ...

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Slice of Sweet Art

refrigerating fondant covered cakes?

I have 4 cakes due this weekend and am trying to do as much advance work as possible and was wondering . . . can I cover my cakes in fondant (mix of Satin Ice & Chocopan) & toss them in the fridge for a couple days? I’ve read that many...

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Preggy Belly, Baby Rump, do you feel about eating your own...?

Baby Bump cakes, baby rumps, babies, pets….I can’t imagine cutting into a cake that looked like my pet cat, or a preggy belly torso? I have to say I would feel iffy to cut a cake that looked like my own tummy (worse with a baby poking out!!!) For...

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Emily Herrington

How is the gold so GOLD and the silver so SILVER?

I keep seeing cakes with Gold and Silver on them and I’m wondering what that is? I have gold luster dust, but I can’t ever make it look like that. Is it a different product, and is it edible?

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Stacked Pillow Cake - Level of difficulty?

Hello all! I received my first order for a carved, stacked pillow cake for a little girl’s birthday, and I’m already starting to stress out over it. I’ve only been making/decorating cakes for a little over a year now and I’ve never done a carved...

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Black fondant and diamonte

Hello my lovely’s, can anyone just help me out a bit?? I am doing a black ruffle rose cake next week and I am A little worried as to how to get the icing sugar off the fondant so It looks clean?? Someone mentioned trex.. Next is I have seen...

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Beata Khoo

How to make this Amazing Dragon Cake?

Can anyone help please, i need to make this cake attached pictures, any idea the best way to make it? Please, please help! Thank you. Beata I was thinking to use wire and gumpaste and RKT. Can anyone help Please….

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Neater fondant edges?

Hi everyone. I am self-taught in fondant and have a very basic question. How do I make cleaner corners on a rectangular or square shaped cake? My corners always looked like a wrapped present where I wind up overlapping th corners (see...

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Nude Pearlised Effect

Hi All, We are doing a cake similar to the one attached below which is by the amazing Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes from Australia, and im wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get the nude looking pearlised color of the 2 tier from the top. ...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Cake Filling - how much to use?

I just got an order for a 3-tier cake (10", 8" & 4") – the client wants different flavors for each tier, but is insisting on getting a thick layer of frosting in between layers. I usually don’t make it thick – especially on multi-tier cakes...

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Buttercream icing

Hi Everyone, I live in South Africa and use Woodenspoon (like a veg fat) and icing sugar to make my buttercream with a bit of milk. The icing sugar always tastes too sweet. Any ideas on what I can do to help “unsweeten” my buttercream. I have...

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Jolirose Cake Shop

How to handle clients who don't adhere to your payment policy...

I’m looking for advice on how to politely tell my clients that the policy is 50% deposit and the balance is due one week before the event date. I make sure to explain this several times throughout the design and quoting process and I still get...