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Square/Circle Wedding Cake

I was asked to make a simple wedding cake for a friend…similar to this She wants it to be 3 tiers, 10" square, 8" square, and 6" circle to feed 80 people. The 6" circle will be for her and her husband, so she only needs the bottom 2 tiers...

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Hazelnut Ganache

How do I make hazelnut ganache (the creamy version) as a filling for a cake I make chocolate ganache all the time, under my fondant, but I have never mad it as a filling in a cake Do I use white or dark chocolate? Nutella or real hazelnuts? ...

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John Flannery

Applying silver leaf to fondant

I want to add silver leaf to a cake , but can’t find a definite answer on what to use to apply it to the fondant. Also I see some posts that say edible silver leaf , I can’t find anything that says that on the package , isn’t all silver leaf the...

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Lace moulds

Hi can someone tell me when using a lace mould when u remove the fondant from the mould dose the fondant tare and break many thanks xx

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Carving a doll cake

Hello all.. This is my first query out here on cakes decor. I have a princess doll cake order for the coming week and have been looking around for a tutorial on how to carve the skirt/gown of the doll with cake. I do not want to go and buy a ball...

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Charise Viccarone~ The Flour Bouquet Co.

Awning help!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to put an awning over a door on a cake. I wanted to make a little house and I love awnings but wasn’t sure how to do one or how to attach it and get it to stay. I love the rounded awning but any awning...

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Cocoa powder

Hi I’ve been doing a lot of research about cake baking and the science behind it. Just recently I discovered that when a recipe calls for cocoa powder it should be unsweetened cocoa powder- I actually didn’t know there was drinking cocoa and...

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Need help

Hi everybody!! I’m planning on making a zebra/marble cake and I’ve found a recipe that I would like to try, problem is I don’t know what type of flour it is I should be using? This is the recipe: 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup butter 1 cup milk 1...

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Gluten free chocolate

Hi all, I have a customer who tells me her partner will have a severe reaction to even the tiniest amount of gluten. I am happy that my cake recipe is fine, but I am not so sure about chocolate for the ganache. Can anyone recommend a 100% gf...

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Hi, I am looking for an exclusive Baker for my business

In the Philadelphia area. I am the owner of Taylor Made Soirées, Weddings & Events and Na’Vella Party Boutique by TMS. I have been planning events for years, and in 2012 decided to start my own business. Na’Vella Party Boutique,...

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How do I make this wedding cake?

Hi I’m new to the website and was just wondering if anyone could help me, I have to make this wedding cake and I’m not sure how to do the detail on the cake, I think it’s a cutter but not sure what I’m looking for, can anyone help? Thank...

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How much would you charge for a Cake similar to this with maybe a bit more basic decorating

Hello all, I will be doing my first wedding cake this summer for the first time, and it is special because it is for a very close friend of mine. I have done cakes for family and an occasional special event but never really charged anything,...

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Little Apple Cakes

Sugarvail VS. Sugar Lace

I’m pretty new to this site and I just can’t believe how many cool decorators I have discovered in the past couple of days.. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I see all this Sugarvail work on the cakes and I love it, my question is HAVE YOU EVER USED...

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Bottle cake

Hi guys May you please assist me with the tutorial for making a cake with a castle bottles (2 or 3 ) on top

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Another Shoe Question...

OK, So I’ve actually looked at EVERY single post on shoe templates, even good, and did Pintrest even instagramed and asked questions left and right, North and South and I can’t seem to get any REAL answers. So I turn to my trust Cakes Decor...

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Porche Diesel cake

Hi everyone, hope you are fine!!!! Just got the order for Porche Diesel car cake (3D) and since i have never tried a car cake, wondering how to start… Your valuable support will be highly appreciated!! Thank you in advance for considering my...

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:: Shooting for a French TV-report in Los Angeles ::

Hi everybody, For a TV-program broadcast on M6, the second biggest national channel in France, we are looking for people in Los Angeles, California, who could share with us their passion for incredible cakes. We would like to organize a...

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carousel cake

Happy new year !! I am making a carousel cake useing the wilton kit no time to make the items. so I would like to add some color to the horses maybe cream with a little shine and the colors I will be using navy,light blue and cream with gold...

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Chocolate cake recipe

Hi everybody, I’m looking for a chocolate cake recipe which is moist. I’ve come across a few recipes which I’ve tried but I’m not satisfied, it’s for a very important cake and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :-)

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Laura Loukaides

What to do....

Hi everyone, I’m a little confused at the moment. You see, I need to try out some new techniques on my cakes but I can’t actually keep the cake, if that makes sense… no… no that didn’t make sense… Okay, I want to try out some new recipes and...