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Cakes By Karen, Dayton, Tx.

How to price your cakes.

I started doing this for my Grandchildren but I have people wanting me to make cakes. I can not do it for free going in the Black. How do you price your cake and time. Please help.

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How do I do this?

I’m planning on making a cake like this in a couple of weeks, and I’m wondering how. Do I make the cut outs before I put the fondant on the cake, or after? I originally thought it would be best to cut it out before, but then putting it on the...

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Cake Decorating? Where to start?!

I really want to get into cake decorating but I have no idea where to start! Any advice? I’d rather not pay for a class because baby #3 is due October 17th, and we got rid of everything back in January so we have to replace it all. Any advice for...

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Ninja Turtle Cake

Hi everyone! I just received a last minute call for a Ninja Turtle cake for next week- The customer wants a two tier sitting on top of a ‘pizza box’ made of cake. I have never done a cake like this and was wondering what the best type of cake...

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cant find small gift bag tutorial

Been searching high and low but can’t seem to find a tutorial for small shopping bags that I can use as cake decor/ cake toppers . please help

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Cake decorating courses

Hi everybody; İ will be in NY for 15 days between the dates of 26 may- 9 june. During my vacation I really want to attend some decorating courses for the ones who are already dealing with cake decoration ( moderate). can anyone help me about the...

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Airbrush Beginner

I recently purchased a airbrush machine but I’m super scared to use it. Excited but scared lol. How can I achieve this effect on a cake? The...

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rose ruffle effect


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Barbie Cake with Base - Support Help

I’m making a cake very similar to this×900px-LL-5c1ca1cc_gallery12777100_0206.jpeg Instead of a sheet cake, I plan on putting the barbie cake on top of a 10" or 12" square cake. I usually use bubble tea...

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Piping over gold leaf

I have a customer that wants a gold leaf cake for her wedding cake. She also wants royal icing piped lace over top the leafing. I have never done this and I’m wondering will the royal icing stick to the leafing? Thanks

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Cake-Pops - how much b/c to use

Hello, lately I’ve been getting a lot of orders for cake pops. I haven’t had any problems with them, except that when I read all the blogs and recipes for cake pops, everybody uses a minimum of 1/2 tub of buttercream for 1 box of cake mix. ...

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Laura Loukaides

Cake International 2013 - Help on entering a cake...

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay!! I have been thinking about entering something into this years Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham, I’m still a little undecided on what I want to enter but I was wondering if anyone could tell...

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shoe box cake

When making a shoe box cake is the lid part of the whole cake or is it thinner slice of cake and layered on top? thanks

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Checkboard pattern around cake

I would like to make a checkerboard pattern around a 8" cake, similar to this: Do I have to use a specific size square cutter?

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Beer Bucket Cake

Hi can anyone help me please im making a bucket cake with a bottle of beer in it and im wanting to make some icecubes, any ideas? Something easy, can you use gelatine and put in cube trays would this work? Any help would be greatly appreciate,...

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Stacking a ganache covered cake

Hi. I am making a 3 tiered mud cake for my friends birthday. It will be covered in ganache with chocolate shards around the edges and fresh fruit as well. My question is what is the best way to stack the tiers so the ganache does not come off...

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Traveling cupcakes?

I am curious if anyone has ever shipped cupcakes? I want to send my friend who lives in California cupcakes for her birthday, which is October 5. I live in Missouri. I know that icing the cupcakes, if shipping them is feasible, is probably not my...

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Jenny Gracia

Lapis Legit Cake recipe and TLC_SEAsia contest

Hi all, Recently I participating a contest held by TLC channel for Bake-A-Licious program in Southeast Asia and my Layers cake recipe become one our of 20 favourite recipes (yeayyy!). This cake is famous in my country, Indonesia because of...

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does anyone make their own modelling chocolate?

Would you recommend making it or buying ready made? I’m fairly new to fondant modelling, but hav been interested in the models shaped with chocolate on tv shows. I am in the uk and the recipes i have seen are US. What os corn oil, any particular...

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How much to charge?

Hi, Im new to the cake business…how much would you charge for a Pigs in the Mud kitkat cake for 15 people?