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How to make a peacock body

Any ideas on how to make the body of a peacock from gum paste

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Which cake will you prefer on christmas party?

Christmas is coming after two months so i started the preparation of the Christmas. i have arrange a party at my house on that day. but little bit confuse regarding cake.i do not understand which cake i will arrange on that day. so guys as per...

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Bewildered Father

I have an unusual request/topic. My daughter wants to go to school for Pastry Arts. We hope to open a specialty cake business in PA or SC way off in the future. There is a lot I could tell you about future plans but for now we need advice....

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Raewyn Read Cake Design

Have you met up with any of your fabulous cake friends?

I would love you all to share your stories and pictures of meetings you have had with the cake friends you have made online :)

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Great American Cake Show

Is anyone heading to the Great American Cake Show on 10/19 – 20? I would love to meet up with fellow cakers if anyone was interested. Let me know I will be there all weekend since I am entering a cake.

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Are you a procrastinator?

I am such a big procrastinator! In fact, I seem to get my best work done when I am under pressure! Right now I should be working on a cake, but here I am on CakesDecor checking out everyone’s lovely work. Anyone else a big procrastinator, or...

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Entering a local show

Hi everyone, Im new to Cakes Decor and this is my first forum topic so please forgive me if this has been asked a thousand times before. There’s a spring fair in town next weekend and they have a cake baking competition. I thought it might be...

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Carrot Cake Recipe

Today we have a commonly loved and baked dessert consisting of carrots. Mommy reads out stories where bunnies love carrots and when moms bake them it is easy to feed a child with them along with dessert. Ingrediants: 1. 250 gms or 2-3 cups of...

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Hennessy Bottle Cake

A friend of miness would like me to make her a 3D Hennessy liquor bottle I’ve made the 2D version (laying down) but I dont know what size cakes to start with and how to go from there. She needs it to feed about 20 people, so what size cakes...

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2 Tiers

Newbie here… I am making my first 2 tiered cake this weekend. It’s for an outdoor party, so I wont really have access to much at the destination. I’m just wondering, do you guys usually bring them to places unstacked, or do you stack them at...

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Wire frame for posing figures Help

Hi everyone, I need some help I’m looking for the best thing to use for moulding gumpaste around for poseable figures, I want something fairly thick fir the fondant to stick to, I’ve seen on cake boss on tv they use a brown wired material does...

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Cmc or tylose

Whats the difference between cmc and tylose. Does anyone make their own gum paste? Does any one have a good recipe to share?

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Glow in the Dark

A while ago I saw a food network challenge where Kaysie Lackey made her cake glow in the dark. I can’t remember what she used to do it. I want to try to make a cake glow in a few months and was wondering if anyone remembered or knew how to make...

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Superman Fortress Cake

How do you make the strips of white chocolate for the Superman Fortress of Steel Cake? What size pans should I use? I’ve never done this before but I love the cake and want to make it for my grandson’s birthday.

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How do you deal with family who orders novelty cakes from another person?

I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences and if anyone can help me not take it to heart. I just really sad about it at the moment. Cake decorating is a hobby of mine, it’s my canvas. It is never about the money. I attended my...

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Chenai Pise

Can i let my best friend down?

Hello everyone, my best friend wants me to make a cake for her wedding. My big worry is that, it is my first time to bake a weddings cake; I do birthday cakes for small number of people. Her wedding has about 300 guests and the wedding is on 14...

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I do not like the taste of my butter meringue frosting.

So I made my first butter meringue frosting wan was really excited. I made it exactly like the instructions and it turned out looking great, except I hated the taste. IMO the frosting does not taste good because it has too much butter. I love the...

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Cupcake Delight

Help needed

Hi I am new to cakes decor . I was wandering if anyone had any tips, as I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have posted a couple of pictures of my work on here and have received some lovely comments. How do I reply to a comment? I am looking...

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Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes


I’m heading to Aukland NZ tomorrow does anyone know of any good cake decorating shops there, worth visiting?

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Yvonne Beesley

Isomalt Fail

Hi there. I bought Squires Kitchen Isomalt Nibs for the first time last week. I wanted something special to go on an ‘underwater’ themed cake I had been working on. I followed the instructions to the letter, pouring the melted Isomalt...