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Sandra Monger

rolled buttercream

Hi Everyone, I have a question! Hope you don’t mind me asking but does anyone out there use rolled buttercream. I have been asked to make it and don’t really know how it works or if it is easy to use? Does it give as good a finish as...

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Koek Krummels

How to attatch a fighter jets wings

I hope anyone can give me some advice. I’ve made airplanes before but the wings were small an easy to attach to the cake. My problem now is that I have an order for a huge fighter jet plane and the wings are huge. How on earth can I attach...

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Michal Bulla

Large Wedding Cakes

I just wanted to share with you these large wedding cakes. Some of them are gorgeous, some are just large. The author is Omar Addihaoui – Kuwait’s Picasso of the Pastries. Thank you Jo ;)

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Damask Stenciling

Hi, I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake in August, I have one slight concern. The bottom tier is a round 12" and needs to be stenciled with a damask style. I’m a bit worried how on earth I’m going to make it meet as I know I won’t get a...

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Can anyone Please give me a good recommendation on where I can order some GOOD QUALITY WHITE CHOCOLATE Online? I Live in the Atlanta Metro Area and I have to go to Publix or Walmart to purchase WHITE CHOCOLATE but they only offer it in small...

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Which serving chart to go by to price and do most price per serving or ?

I have been going back and forth , for example I am making an 8 inch, 6 inch tiered cake with a 4 inch foam tier on top. Charged 118 it will be covered in ganache and fondant decorated fireman theme with a gumpaste fireman and dog . She had a...

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Emine Pazan

How to airplane cake (urgent)

Hi I need to make this cake. They want strawberry flavour. Which cake recipe can I use? And do you have any tips or how to’s? Thank you so much kind Regards Emine

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Emine Pazan

Best 3D carving cake recipes?

Hi, What is your favorite cake recipe for making 3D cakes? I heard of chocolate mud cake, madeira cake. I always used sponge cake. But that is hard to carve in to. Now I want to use cakes that I can carve easily. Need some tastefull...

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Take The Cake

Newbie Helloooo Everyone!!!

Hello everyone, I am just new to Cakes Decor, although I have been here and marveled at your creations and looked through your tutorials which are amazing!!! I am totally obsessed with all things cake and just want to learn as much as I can, i’m...

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Cindy White

Castle cakes

I am getting ready to build a castle cake for my grand daughters 4th b day. Any advice or pointers any one has would be greatly appreciated.

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New to Cakes Decor

Hello ~ I’m new to the site. Looking forward to seeing members’ creations! I’ll be slowly adding photos to my gallery. Diana (sorry, not sure what category to post this under…admin, feel free to move it :)

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Emine Pazan

Help needed how to make princess figurines

Hi, I have a foundation where I make cakes for children who are in need of a wonderful cake. Now one of the children want me to make Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Sleepin beauty out of fondant. I know that there are ready made plastic...

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I’ve been asked to make a Cher-themed cake. Trouble enough…but then..they requested Cher in her Half-breed regalia. ???? How do I make a feather headdress? I am making Cher out of modelling chocolate from the waist up and I would like to have...

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Emine Pazan

Urgent: searching for the perfect macaron recipe

Hi, I tried a lot of recepies but nothing works. I see amazing macarons in the gallery. Could someone give me the perfect macaron recipe? Thank you

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Isomolt mold help

I am needing to make a modelf a grey goose vodka bottle for an upcoming event. I can’t seem to find any kits in my area and its too late to order one- does anyone know of a good technique? Thank you so much!!

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Hello, newbie here

Hi I just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to looking at your posts and cakes. I am from Scotland and I am a “Hobby” self taught baker whose hobby has gotten out out hand. I have been decorating cakes for 3 years now and have lost...

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latte glass cake

Hi all Decorators Help needed, I have been asked to make a latte cake in the form of a tall glass that is thinner at the bottom. Originally chocolate biscuit which would have been fine. However it has been changed to sponge and I have never...

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Birthday cakes made by my wife.

Hello, my wife recently started to make cakes. I´m so proud that i decided to share her work with you.

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I need more gluten free recipes.

I’ve been getting asked for gluten free cakes and need more recipes. And I need gluten free icing. Is there a gluten free fondant?

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Tammy Barrett

3 tier wedding cake

Is it possible to put the 3 tiers together and then transport it? A customer wants to take the cake themselves down to a venue which is 4 hours away but wasn’t keep on the idea of assembling it when they got there. I’m a bit nervy about...