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Lisa Salerno

It's just cake !

Hi everyone x I really just wanted to let someone know about what just happened to me and I’m pretty sure you are the only people that may understand . I was approached by someone who had seen one if my cakes (the snooker table ) via a link here...

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Baby cakes by amber

Looking for a fabulousness cake recipe

I’m new to the whole cake buisness and I need all the help I can get can someone please help me and let me have there fabulousness cake recipe there most popular cake recipe

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Rita's Cakes

Any tips For decorating a buttercream cake with fondant decorations?

My twins birthday is this weekend and I was wanting to do a buttercream cake instead of a fondant cake. I’ve always done fondant. Im very nevous about doing a all buttercream cake with fondant decorations. Stepping out of my comfort zone lol Any...

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Laura Loukaides

Vegan/Gluten/Dairy Free Cake Recipes

Hello! – Hope everyone is okay :) I need some help on something, because I really have no idea at the moment… This week I have been extending my range of cakes, flavours, filling etc… but I then suddenly realized that I’m not currently...

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Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe Demonstration

Hello, please have a look at my Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe Demonstration. I used a different recipe to the one that I would normally use and the result was a really light cake. I just wanted to share it with everyone, let me know what you...

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Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake Recipe

Ingredients: 1 package of dark chocolate cake mix One pack of mixture of instant chocolate-pudding 1 can or container of sour cream 3 eggs 1/3 cup of vegetable oil ½ cup of coffee flavored liqueur 2 cups of semisweet...

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Who's on Instagram?

Hi everybody, just wanted to know who’s on Instagram? I’m not a FB person lol if you are on Instagram what are your usernames? I’m cakealicious77 :-)

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Baby cakes by amber

How do I make camoflage fondant and wut colors do I mix to make the colors

I’m doing a baby shower 2 tier cake it for a lil boy and the want it I’m camoflage my question to u guys is what color icing gel do IOC to get the camo colors also I’ve heard of several different methods of mixing the camo colors do make the...

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Wish to purchase a birthday cake for 1 yrs old baby girl

Hi. I an new joiner in this website. . May I know can I order a beautiful cake for my 1st birthday baby girl on end of April and locate in Malaysia? Please feel free to contact me and quote me the pricing. Tq Careen

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Ganache For Butter Cake

Good morning all….hope everyone had a great weekend (well for those of us already into Monday Morning that is)…Just looking for some advice re which is the better ganache for a Butter Cake? I usually make mud, but this is for a person who has...

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Romantic Cake

Hello, please have a look at my second cake. I made it for Valentine’s Day, although it can be a romantic cake for any day of the year. It shouldn’t take much more than 40 minutes to complete. Please let me know what you think.

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Batman Vs Superman Cake, First Attempt

Hello, I’d just like to show everyone my Batman Vs Superman Cake. This is my first proper attempt at making a cake. If you have time, please take a look and let me know what you think.

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The Custom Cakery

Sugar shoes

Hi all. I’m looking for a great stilletto shoe kit. Been advised that the cake structure kit is good by a couple of different people but wondered if anyone has any other suggestions before I click purchase? I looked at one the other day that one...

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I’ve been asked if I could do 250 cupcakes for a wedding in June!! I’ve already done that many for a charity last year, so I know I can do it and cupcakes don’t scare me at all. The bride-to-be is now asking me to give her ideas for a small...

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tylose, how much to add?

Having a hard time finding how much tylose powder to add to my fondant so sturdier for figures. Adding to satin ice fondant. What does everyone here use?

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Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress

How to structure a cake so it look like it's hovering off the cake board

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help, I’m looking to replicate this turntable but how do i structure it so it’s floating?? i was thinking of inserting a smaller board underneath and placing a cake card underneath the cake? but not sure if that...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)


Hi. I’m seeing quite a few back drops on cakes which look fab. I’ve never made one so I have a few questions lol Do you make the backdrop using a cake card or drum? How do you attach the backdrop to the cake drum that the actual cake is...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)

Jumping horse

Hi. I’m due to make a horse jumping over a hedge and wondered if anyone had any tips? I’m obviously going to use wires and florist tape for the support structure but I don’t know about the body section. Would all sugarpaste be too heavy? Should I...

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Ice blue colour for fondant/gumpaste

Hi Guys…..I am wanting to get that icey blue colour for some christmas decorating/covering but am having trouble achieving the colour I am after :( Is anyone able to tell me how to achieve this, I have tried using americolour sky blue mixed...

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Coloring gum paste

Hi everyone,! I’m trying to color gum paste to get this deep pink/fuchsia without any luck. I have used Wilton rose and Americolor electric pink but didn’t get the color I was after. Any advice would be very much appreciated :) Pam from Sugar...