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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)


Hi. I’m seeing quite a few back drops on cakes which look fab. I’ve never made one so I have a few questions lol Do you make the backdrop using a cake card or drum? How do you attach the backdrop to the cake drum that the actual cake is...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)

Jumping horse

Hi. I’m due to make a horse jumping over a hedge and wondered if anyone had any tips? I’m obviously going to use wires and florist tape for the support structure but I don’t know about the body section. Would all sugarpaste be too heavy? Should I...

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Ice blue colour for fondant/gumpaste

Hi Guys…..I am wanting to get that icey blue colour for some christmas decorating/covering but am having trouble achieving the colour I am after :( Is anyone able to tell me how to achieve this, I have tried using americolour sky blue mixed...

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Coloring gum paste

Hi everyone,! I’m trying to color gum paste to get this deep pink/fuchsia without any luck. I have used Wilton rose and Americolor electric pink but didn’t get the color I was after. Any advice would be very much appreciated :) Pam from Sugar...

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Feeling not good enough

Hey everybody. Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of cakes and wedding cakes, also flicking through Instagram photos. And I just feel like giving up cake decorating, I feel like I’ll never reach that level of those professional looking...

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facebook giveaways worth it?

Hi Everone, With facebook making it increasingly difficult to get people to see your work what have you done? I decided to do a free worldwide topper giveaway instead of facebooks promote feature for the next two weeks. So far my likes have only...

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In Search of and Eggless cake recipe that will stand up to Fondant.

Please, a little boys birthday cake dream depends on it and I have never made and eggless cake. Thanks!

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Elli Warren

Keira rose

Can anyone please help me on how to make a Keira rose?? It looks very similar to a peony so I’m guessing I might need to use my peony cutter? I can’t find any tutorials at all!! Any help will be greatly received!! My friend really wants these on...

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Tiers or Large single layer

Hi All….hope this doesn;t seem too strange a questions, but as a newbie it is something I;ve pondered on a couple of times. If someone asks for a cake to feed ex amount of people, obviously you can bake one large single layer, or two smaller...

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Salted caramel buttercream

Hi :-) I really hope you lovely people can help me, I’m looking for a salted caramel buttercream recipe and I’ve searched online and nothing is really jumping out at me. Do you guys have anything good to share?

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Mardie Makes Cakes

Advice for Storing Fondant Figures Please!

Hello Those-In-The-Know! I’ve been asked to make a Dorothy the Dinosaur topper, which they want to use in a couple of months and I can’t make it sooner to the date. For figures that aren’t going to be eaten, I would suggest storing in a box in a...

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Laura Loukaides

What would you like to see made from Cake?

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all okay :) I’m always looking to make new things from Cake, but, I never know what to do. So, I was wondering… What would YOU like to see made from Cake? Just throw your ideas at me, It can be anything!! – I need...

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Starry Delights

Blending fondant

Hi I was just wondering how do you blend seams on your cakes or decorations without leaving a line or mark? I know you can do that with modelling chocolate but is it possible to achieve this smooth transition with fondant?

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Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Mirror effect

I would like to make a little framed mirror to go on a cake, has anyone got advice on how to get a reflective mirror effect please? Thank you.

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What fondant do you use???

I have been buying the asda fondant and it seems fine and always does the job but was wondering about other makes. Are other more expensive fondant easier to use? What do you use please?

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Basket handle mess ups :-(

I made my first basket cake yesterday. I was worried about the weaving but that actually wasn’t too bad. The handle on the other had was a pain. I tried many different ways and they didn’t work. Please any advise would be gratefully recieved. :-)...

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Christmas Cake Contest

I’m wondering when we find out who won this contest? I haven’t seen any results…

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Modeling chocolate

I have not made or used modeling chocolate yet, but I want to give it a try. I know it’s melted chocolate and karo syrup, but I don’t know how much of each. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

OMG! Christmas comp so hard to choose!

Hi guys, ive just spent about 4 hours trying to narrow down what cakes to choose for my 5 fave! Wrote a list to start with and it had about 50 on it that I liked! Had some real problems getting it down to 5, the standard of cakes on here is...

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Faux Cakes

Does anyone know if or where you can buy faux cakes already covered in fondant? Sometimes I’m in a rush and it would be nice to have some on hand already covered so I can just add decorations. Someone said Decopac had them, but I can’t find...