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Dry maderia

Hello, I’m struggling to find the right cake recipe that I’m 100% happy with. Does anybody have any tips on achieving a moist maderia cake? Mine all come out dry unless it’s been left covered in fondant for a few days. Also I know maderia cake...

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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

cake idea anybody?

Hi guys, im making a cake for a friend for the beginning of december. I cant decide what to make her. She is 23 years old and is into fashion, glamour but also sports. She is training to become a PE teacher. As the cake is just for her she will...

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Mardie Makes Cakes

Such a thing as Chocolate Fruit Cake?? Anyone?

Hello everyone! I am wanting to put a spin on the traditional Christmas cake this year… Just for the family… Something rich and chocolatey and fruit n nutty… With alcohol even… Non nom nom… Does such a cake exist ya think? and if so does anyone...

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Thinking of epanding, need advise

Hi all I started making cakes a few months ago, while in the begining it was just a hobby, cakes for friends and family, now i began getting orders from other peole, friends of friends, co workers.. For those of you who work out of their...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Nu-Wrap Fondant

Hi, if anyone has used Nu-Wrap rolled fondant in the past, I would appreciate getting your feedback. Caljava has a sale on their 10 lb. bucket and I was considering purchasing it. I definitely don’t like Satin Ice, so I was wondering if...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Tres leches wedding cake

I have been asked to make a tres leches cake for a wedding. The bride wants a 3 tier cake – however I’m afraid that a tres leches cake is too moist and soft for stacking and covering with fondant. I could cover it with buttercream but the...

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Just wanted to introduce myself!

Hello all…I have joined this site hoping to find friendly folks who share the same passion as mine…Making beautiful cakes. I am pretty new in the business but I am aggressive when it comes to learning. I just retired from the Navy on Sep 29th and...

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Gingerbread FIREhouse Contest and Expo - Aurora, IL

Grab your sugar, grab your spice – and run, run, fast as you can! The Aurora Regional Fire Museum (Aurora, IL) is pleased to host the 5th annual gingerbread FIREhouse contest, exhibition, and charity raffle for the holidays. All...

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Question on how to make a ballet tutu

So I am thinking about my next competition cake and I was thinking of making a ballet tutu cake and I am not sure what to use to make the skirt look like tulle. Does anyone have any ideas??? I am so addicted to competitions now….LOL

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Melanie Jane Sowa

Modelling chocolate

I was thinking of having a go at making modelling chocolate to make a figure but as I have never worked with it before I amnit sure how to colour it. I have seen some amazing work in modelling chocolate. Can you use your existing food colours?

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Michal Bulla

Amazing 3D Printed Sugar technique

My friend told me about a company that uses 3D printer to print toppers from sugar. I think that this technique will definitely make it easier to create special toppers from sugar. Is here anyone who tried it already? What do you think about...

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Black & White Cakes - Quaterly awards

Am I the only one having trouble picking just five entries from all 187? Some are truly gorgeous and stunning and the choice is VERY hard… Just wanted to post this to say how wonderul these cakes are ans seeing all the B&W together is simply...

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Christmas Chocolate Cake Recipe

Christmas Chocolate Cake is supposed to be the best alternative for one who does not keen of fruit cake. It is as popular as and yummier than the traditional fruit cakes. Ingredients: 420 grams of very dark chocolate 220 grams of butter...

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Laura Loukaides

What is Chocolate Mousse?

As I look around Cakes Decor I see that many of you use Chocolate Mousse in your cakes. Can someone please tell me what it is because it sounds AMAZING!! Thank you Xx

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Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)

A question for you

Hello Cake decorators! I write because I need an honest opinion … you might take a look at these cakes and tell me what you think? Why I do every time I try to give my best and to improve my work, but I think it is underappreciated: (it’s a...

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How to make a gumpaste high heeled shoes

Hie guys. May anyone send me information or tutorial on how to make a gumpaste high heel shoe.

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Beata Khoo

Dragon cake 2

Can anyone help how to make this dragon in that position, it it possible And I need opinion if I can actually do something like this- or is it possible to make dragon in the air and standing on his tail like the picture? Thank you ;)

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Vans shoe cake

Hi all, my son has requested a Vans shoe cake for his birthday, I have seen one on Cakes Decor. Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial on this. I am stumped.. Thanks

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How to make a peacock body

Any ideas on how to make the body of a peacock from gum paste

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Which cake will you prefer on christmas party?

Christmas is coming after two months so i started the preparation of the Christmas. i have arrange a party at my house on that day. but little bit confuse regarding cake.i do not understand which cake i will arrange on that day. so guys as per...