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Everything about cake decorating: questions, tips, tehcniques, how-tos, ideas and more ...

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Keeping your cake moist

What are some of the things you guys do to bake moist cakes and keep them...

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How do I deliver this cake without it falling?

I would like to make a sitting Spongebob cake for an order next Friday (like...

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square pans magic line, fat daddios or another brand?

I am looking to get some nicer, but not super expensive square pans. Should...

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Cosden's Cake Creations

Please help

Can someone please tell me what to use to stack a cake like this? is it a...

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Properly stacking tiers

Hi, I have just joined as a member, however, I have enjoyed helpful posts...

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Wedding cake

I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake. After consulting with the bride, she...

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Applying flowers

I would appreciate any advice on applying gumpaste roses on a cake. I have...

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cakes & cakeboards

How do you all adhere your cakes to your boards???? Everytime I travel with...

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Looking for ideas- Moving cake- from NY to St. Louis

Hi Guys- I am at a loss- I’m looking for ideas for a cake for a couple...

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Applying a fondant number

I need advice on how to apply a fondant/gumpaste number 5 to the top of a...

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airbrush colors

does anyone know are airbrush colors ready to use and has anyone tried to...

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Yolanda Marshall

What are good ways to promote and market a new Cake business and start getting customers?

I am a pretty new business (a year into it), and I am wondering what kind of...

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Polo Logo

I want to do a Polo Shirt Cake for Father’s Day, and was wondering what...

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Help with pricing this carved cake

I’ve been contacted to make a groom’s cake, and the person sent me a picture...

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Kitchen aid stand mixers

Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions and comments on Kitchen Aid...

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Female Torso Cake

Hey guys, got a request for a female torso cake w/boobs and va-j-j… first...

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Wish I could quit my job & do this fulltime...

Ahhh I wish I was able to do this fulltime & just quit my fulltime job...

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Kendra Hicks

What technique is used here?

I’ve just received an email from a bride who wants a cake similar to...

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Scrummy Mummy's Cakes

How to apply silver leaf to fondant?

Does anyone have any secret method for applying silver leaf to fondant? I...

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Hard Time Working with Modeling Chocolate

Hi Guys- I’m hoping I can get some guidance- I have tried to use...