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Life size shoe

If any one has a decent shoe template and want to share it I will appreciate it.. With the first order I had to improvise and cut a sole from a store bought inner sole etc. I have not had a chance to make a better shoe ….

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Octonaut pod

Hi can anyone give me advice on how to make octonaut pod please I am making 9 inch round cake and want to make pod to sit on top I’ve made some characters I thought about making it out of rkt and moulding it or to make cake instead help ! Thank...

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Carved recipe

Hi everyone. Im trying to find some cake recipe but good for carving. The last one was good but tooooo dense and it weights a lot. Thanks everyone

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Cake board help

Hello! I have decorated a lovely cake for a very good friend’s birthday this evening, and I used a cardboard cake board. Of course the oils in the icing have stained the board. What can I do to make it look better? It’s not a huge deal since its...

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Cake Club trying to start one in Sacramento.

I tried this a while back but those that were interested didn’t actually commit. There are cake clubs everywhere but in our area Sacramento, would love to get one started. I travel to texas to their cake club events, san diego, oregon. But here...

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Water for a swimming pool cake

Question: I have a cake order coming up for a swimming pool birthday cake. This will be swimming pool with lane lines floating in water. Any ideas on what to use for the water. I was thinking colored piping gell, but since I have never tried or...

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HELP! how to make brown fondant

I have white and ivory fondant and I what to make chocolate brown WITHOUT using chocolate. It is for a lemon cake so chocolate really won’t go with the flavor. I can make a nice taupe with brown and black. Any suggestions???

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Hi everyone, I’m new so thought I’d say hello! I’ve been in business for just over a year, though I’ve been baking for friends and family for years. I work around my full time job so I’ve got my glamorous assistant AKA mum hooked on all thing...

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How to make a Turbo Cake - Disney Movie

i need help to make a 3D cake of Turbo – Disney Movie Someone have any suggestions? Thank you

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Ganache trick?

Hello all, (and thanks in advance for your help :-) Is there something I could do to make ganache look all uniform in color once it sets on a cake, if I want to leave it as is (a raw look)… When it dries, the color is no longer uniform, so...

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Applying Fondant

Ok, so my routine of cake decorating is, I put my buttercream cakes in the refrigerator over nite. I get up super early next morning at 630. Take the cakes out of the refrigerator. I start gathering my supplies. I start to roll out my...

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Le Torte di Marisa

Come fa una torta ad arrivare nelle top 15

Salve a tutti…sono nuova e mi piacerebbe sapere come funziona…come fa una torta ad arrivare nelle top 15? sarei molto contenta se qualcuno vorrà aiutarmi a capire ..grazie :-)

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Fondant Figurines are cracking

I am a self taught when it comes to making figurines. I made my first Ariel figurine, and I was rather proud at how she came out. I let her set up over night beofre i finish adding any details, and when I checked her, she had cracking and crease...

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Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Icing a tall cake ..urgent help needed :(

Hi all, I very stupidly said I would make a wedding cake for a friends wedding (which is tomorrow) I’m just trying to ice the bottom tier which is 6 inches tall ( I realsie I should have practiced before telling her I could do it!) I’m...

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Please, Please, Please put watermarks on your photos. Let people know who made that cake! In todays digital age people will copy and use your cake photos.

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Koek Krummels


Hello my fellow cake decorating friends! I have a huge problem that I created for myself. I sais yes to a cake I dont know how to make. If anyone can give me some advise on how to. I will appreciate it. It is a Dragon wedding cake. ...

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Bee Siang

How to handle humidity to get perfectly dry petals

Hi everyone, I need some advices on how to get perfectly dry petals for sugar flowers. I’ve already added cmc and cornstarch, even store the petals in an air-con room. None works well. Is there any tool/machine to get rid of the humidity?...

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Delivery charges

Generally I don’t charge for delivery , but this one is over 40 miles and it is a very large cake to set up , so any ideas on how much I should charge please .

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Balancing Figures

Hello cake decorators! I’ve been having the urge to make balancing figurines (on top of each other, on a ball, etc.) but don’t know where to start. Are the figures supported by thick wires or sticks? Any tips would be appreciated! :)

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purse and sagging

Hey all. Why when I make a purse cake does the fondant I cover it with droop at the very bottom? It continues sliding for a while too. I usually decorate it right after I cover it because I am usually stamping letters etc on it. Any answers would...