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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Cake Related Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful friends on Cakes Decor. Did any of you get any exciting cake related Christmas gifts this year? My daughter really surprised me with my gift. She is going to take me to my very first cake show. It’s The...

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Braided effect

Hi I am trying to figure out how to make fondant look like braided basket. I found this video on YouTube, woman is using this pressure tool that makes fondant look like this: Any one have any advise Please see picture, its not...

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colored fondant

Hi guys How do you get bright green or blue ( dark, royal blue)? I use Wilton fondant and gel colors. When trying to color green or blue I get pale shades. Do you buy colored fondant, if yes, which brand, or maybe there is another colors I...

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Hi everyone Just joined, i would like some advice would i be able to put fresh raspberries and raspberry jam in the middle of my cake, and ganache it? Any advice would be great

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I need white chocolate ganache help

I usually only make milk chocolate ganache and decided to cover my dummies in white chocolate to get a smooth finish before I put my fondant on. I think this may have been a mistake. The white chocolate was hardening before I could smooth it...

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beer mug!

hello to all !…i really need to know as to how i can get the frost look on a beer mug cake……can sumone help me with this ? …… thank you to all !regards rachel

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Problem Loading pics

Need your help When i am loading cake pics they show up sideways. Any idea how to fix it? Thank you

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Drum Set Cake - Electric Guitar

Hi, An organization I belong to has asked me to make a musical cake for a little boy who’s affected by sickle cell anemia. He will be turning 10 years old at the end of December. I was thinking of making a cake with a drum set topper, but...

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Best way to cover 3D dog cake.

Hi guys, I’m starting my first 3D dog cake tomorrow based on a Wauzer. Here is a pic of a Wauzer… I’ve purchased a Jem 234 and Jem 235 large grass piping nozzles. I’ve also got the standard small one. My question is…. Once the dog...

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Annabel Valencia

how do i price fondanted cakes?

i made my necies cake all fondanted and i was asked to do one from my sisters friend i said i would but i dont know how to price cakes every cake i ever made was for free and it was for family so im extremely confused and im also terrible at math...

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Karen's Kakery

Cake International

Hi everyone, I’m going to drop off my entry for the Cake International cake competition on Friday 8th. I can’t stay because I’ve got orders to complete, but I’ll be there all day on Sunday so I can collect my entry after 5.30pm. I’d love to meet...

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cracking fondant

Hi all, I’m new to this business n I’ve been trying my hands on fondant cakes. There are a couple of fondant recipes I used but the fondant seems to crack when I try to cover the cake. Could someone plz share a good fondant recipe and alsoplz...

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need your help

Hello everyone I need lessons in cake decorating plz who can help me ??? contact me plz

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Back to the Future Delorean

Hi all. I am new to this forum and am excited to be here. What talented people and beautiful cakes on this site. In March of this year, I signed up for the Wilton Courses and loved everything about them. I had never done any cake decorating...

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Which fondant to use?

Hi all. First I would like to say, I love this forum and all the help I can get here. Thank you guys. I have a question, which fondant is best to use to cover cakes? As a beginner I mostly use Wilton brand, I buy it at the local Michael’s,...

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Jodie Taylor

Jake and the never land pirates help .. Thank you :)

Iam going to make these characters for a Jake and the Neverland pirates cake for the weekend and I was wondering if anybody knew of any tutorials for them, Thank You :) xxx Jake Peter Pan Tinkerbell Captain Hook Thank you again xxxx

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New to cake making

Hi guys I am new to this site and to cake making all together. Back in April 2013 my 9 y.o son asked me to make a basketball cake for his birthday, it came out cute, I enjoyed making it, did one for my older son, then for a few friends,...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Amaretto Cake

If anyone has a yummy Amaretto cake recipe, could you share it with me? I have a baby shower order in a couple of weeks and the Dad has requested an Amaretto cake. Thanks!

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Cake show in NY/NJ area?

Hi all I live in New York and was trying to find any cake shows in tri-state area but didn’t having a luck. Any advice on where I can find a show to attend? I really would just like to attend and see other people’s work, as a beginner I am...