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Everything about cake decorating: questions, tips, tehcniques, how-tos, ideas and more ...

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Carolina Cardoso

Hello Kitty Cake - Help!

Hi! A client asked me to make a Hello Kitty cake with this pattern and i...

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Modeling Chocolate and whipped icing

Hello, I’m fairly new to this site and am wondering if I might ask a...

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Michal Bulla

Python Cake

I just want to share this amazing Python Cake I found on the internet. I...

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Sarah Mitchell

Giant cupcake base

Hi everyone, I am making a giant cupcake tomorrow and was going to try and...

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Edible image printers! What to buy?

I am thinking about getting an edible image printer, but I have no idea...

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Looking for ideas for Bart Simpson being naughty- (ha)

Hi Guys- I’m making a surprise 40th birthday cake for a friend- He LOVES...

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Tier Sizes

What would be a good cake size for two tier cake? I was thinking a 9 inch...

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Dummy Cakes

HI, I have a question…..When you make a dummy cake, does it always need to...

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Karen de Perez



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How to?

Well, I am unable to load the image but maybe someone can still help. I’ve...

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Kitchen Aid stand mixers

Do you think that a Kitchen Aid mixer is necessary for a beginning bakery. ...

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d and k creative cakes

how do i get square sharped edged building blocks ?

i cant seem to manage to get sharp edges adn smooth sides on my building...

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Chocolate for ganache

What chocolate does everyone prefer for their ganache? I found a site that...

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Minnie Mouse & Whipped Cream

Here’s my question…. I have a customer who wants a whipped cream cake with...

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Wedding cake

Hi All This is the first time that I have got an order for a wedding cakes...

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Sweets By Monica

Shipping Cakes

I have had a request from a customer to ship cake overnight. Her sister...

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Sharon Zambito

Free Video Tutorial

Here is a free video showing how to make this beautiful cake featuring...

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Stand Mixers

Please advise me as to whether or not a Kenmore Stand Mixer will be adequate...

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New Baker Question/Stand Mixers

Hello. I am new at this forum thing and a new baker. I need help. I need...

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Nikki Belleperche

Airbrushing cakes black?

Some of you may have seen one of my previous posts about how I have an...