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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Baking in Sheet Pans?

Hi Everyone, just a curiosity question…. I don’t have any commercial equipment so I bake using my 6",8",9" etc… round or square cake pans and I was wondering if any of you bake in sheet pans and then use cake cutters to cut out the desired round...

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Steph Walters

Hope I am not trying to run before I can walk!!!! :o/

Hello :o) My name is Steph and I am totally new to the world of cake business. I started playing about with cupcakes last year after seeing and being inspired by the beauty of the cakes made by “Carina’s Cupcakes”. After having some really...

2,305 views, 0 by Sweet Traditions

Sweet Traditions

Leather texture?

Hi all! I will be making a book cake for my daughters future mother in law’s 50th Birthday next week. Any fabulous ideas on how to create a leather look on fondant? Thanks in advance Nan

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Piping on cakes

Hello everyone, I am having trouble piping words or anything for that matter with my PME number 1 tip… The number two tip is too wide. The royal icing gets stuck while piping, and I do try to losen it, it will run a bit then gets stuck again....

2,065 views, 0 by Hello, Sugar!

Hello, Sugar!

Best way to transport giant cupcake

Hi everybody, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for transporting a giant cupcake. I’m making a giant cupcake smash cake next weekend for a client who will need to travel 30 minutes or so after picking it up. The base will not be iced, but...

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Is this the right thing to do?

Hello Everyone, I am a stay at home mom and recently moved from Maryland to Texas. I want to start a cake business from home. But since I just moved here I have no friends/family, who can help spread the word. I was thinking if I should bake and...

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trying to learn well :)

Hi I am a very newbie in cake decorating… But I am really keen to learn this precious art… To start i am trying out recipes that are good and will be sturdy enough to hold all decorations… Seeing all the pictures in this site inspires me a lot to...

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What you prefer for ice your cakes.... Royal Icing or Buttercream?

Hello everybody … I never use Royal Icing for cover my cakes before and I like know your experience… Thanks

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How to cover a cake board with fondant?

I dont know if this has been discussed before..But could someone tell me how to cover a board with fondant… And also I have seen ribbons tied in the corner of the board..How do we make these ribbons to stay? tried to tie it real tight but that...

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Hi I'm new

Hi I’m a little nervous as I’m new in these quarters but anyway hi and I look forward to chatting :)

7,802 views, 1 by Natalie King

Natalie King

Really sharp edges on cube cakes???

Hi everyone! I had my first attempt at sharp edges on a round cake yesterday and although it looked ‘ok’ it defiantey needed some practice! Ive been asked to make 3 baby building block cakes for a christening and im scared to death to do it as...

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Edible images?

Hey all! I’m doing a large cake for a very talented photographer’s upcoming art show. She wants the cake to represent her photography, so I’m thinking of paneling a tiered square cake with her favorite photos. Anyway, do any of you have a good...

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Ontario Cake Artist???

I have someone who needs a cake artist for her wedding in Ohawa Ontario… anyone have a wonderful recommendation for her? Pretty please with ruffles on top?

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HELP Please, my gumpaste is too soft

Hi! I’m new to this website. I bought some Wilton powder to make some gumpaste. It is the second time I do it. The first time everything turned out ok, but this time the gumpaste is too sticky and soft. I made a figurine for my daughter’s...

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how do I make a large ribbon with folds around my cake

I would like to make a cake with a large ribbon and brooch around my cake. I want it to be realistic with folds etc. How do I achive this look? Thanks so much

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Sweet Scene Cakes

What format for tutorial?

I’m wanting to write a tutorial for my converse shoe, but not sure what format to use to help when uploading? Word doc? PDF? Thanks!

1,913 views, 1 by Fun Fiesta Cakes

Fun Fiesta Cakes

White chocolate buttercream filling

Hi, bakers, I’ve been requested to fill a cake with a white chocolate buttercream filling. Whenever I ‘ve done a white chocolate ganache, I’ve used a 3:1 ratio – but since this is for a buttercream-type filling, I’m not sure of the ratio. If...

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Blown Sugar

Has anyone ever worked with blown sugar? I am trying to find a tutorial for it so I can start practicing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! :)

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I need some cake pictures

Hello, I am a cake decorator but have never kept a photo album of them. I will do that in the future. I love this site and the “art of cooking” I am also a digital collage artist and am working on a collage of “Birthday Cakes”. I will use 40-50...

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Slice of Sweet Art

Cake Artists in INDIANA??????????

Hello All! I have a client who is in need of a cake artist in Indiana for a Baby Shower cake (May 2013). Client lives in Gary, but is will to travel for pick-up. Since I can’t accommodate her, she’s asked if I can help her track someone down...