Cakes & Cake Decorating

Everything about cake decorating: questions, tips, tehcniques, how-tos, ideas and more ...

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Creating an eagle cake!

Hi. I have been asked to create an eagle cake. I have researched other...

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Fondant on Rainy Season

Hi! I’m a self taught newbie and I already love this site. I’m from the...

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Anybody have problems with ordering from bakers kitchen

I ordered 100 dollars worth of fondant coloring and tips. They came in a...

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How do I wrap cakes to freeze them??

I have heard that layer cakes freeze nicely. I have an order for 24 6 inch...

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Spacing Between Tiers for Flowers

I am needing to put layers of flowers between the tiers of a wedding cake...

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Hi- I have a wedding cake coming up soon and wondered what I should do in...

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looking for a praline cake recipe

hello fellow bakers!! was wondering if anyone had a praline cake recipe...

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Buttercream Iceing that doesnt melt

How do I make a buttercream iceing that won’t melt so easily?

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Nikki Belleperche

Attaching LOTS of dragees to a cake side.

I have a request for a wedding cake coming up that has the bottom half of...

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Cake Serving guide

Hey everyone, as I’m preparing to do my first wedding cake, I’m wondering...

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buttercream icing

**just wanted to see if anyone has had icing change colors on them? I...

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Bundt to cake

If I have a recipe for a Bundt cake is there any reason I couldn’t make it a...

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Buttercream Recipe

Anyone has a good recipe for buttercream that doesn’t taste so much like...

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non corrugated cake boards

does anyone know where i can find non corrugated cake boards? not masonite...

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painting without an airbrush

hello fellow cakers!! i am trying to figure out the best efficient way to...

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Fondant Roller by Caketrick

I was wondering if anyone has a Fondant roller by Caketrick. I’m wanting to...

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Egg Substitue

Hello all! I am fairly new to baking and cake decorating and was wondering...

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Mikooklin's Cakery

Real ribbon on cakes

Ok I have never put real ribbon on a cake before and I am just wondering if...

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Need help finding a link

A while back, I got an email offering classes online to make gum paste...

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Is it ok to refrigerate a cake covered with fondant? If no, why not?