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NIke Soccer shoes

Hi, I have to make gumpaste soccer shoes as cake toppers. Can anyone please help.

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Sugar&Spice by NA


Hi everyone:) Please I have a question, I’ve been doing 3 big Gerberas which I’d like to put as a decoration in the middle of a cake, but once i put them together, they look so flat, how can i make them seen like centerpieces, i don’t know if you...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Baby Diaper Bag

Hi, I’ve been asked to do a Juicy Couture diaper bag cake for a baby shower for 150 people. The actual cake only needs to feed 40-50 people since I’ll also be making cake pops and cupcakes. I have not been able to find a tutorial anywhere on...

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Fondant HELP!

I am making a Macy’s shopping bag cake and can not get the fondant tissue paper to look right. It just looks like mounded fondant. Anyone have any ideas?

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Little Cherry

Can we have a cake class page? Pwetty pleeeease!!?

I’m just wondering if a page can be put on Cakes Decor somewhere to highlight classes around the world, In categories like UK, US, Australia etc. I read Raewyns post in the gazette :) And she said: ’ I’m a big believer in constant education,...

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I make my own fondant and everyone seems to like it, the only problem I have is that its not a true white,, it looks off white/ivory,I have made a few wedding cakes and I dont like it not being white…. can someone please tell me what im doing...

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spunge cake

i need a good spunge cake that is easy to corve but tast real good.

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How to stop the fondant "bulge"

I find myself just getting frustrated every time I do a fondant cake. I frost my cake with american buttercream and all the edges will be perfect and then I put the fondant on and everything just starts to droop and bulge after about 30 mins....

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Cricut Cake.. Is it worth it to buy?

I really want to get one but not sure whether to buy it or not.. Anyone out there reccommend it or no??

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Baking your cakes

I have 4 cakes due on the same day and i don’t want to run around my kitchen like my head got cute off lol… How many days ahead do you bake your cakes and decorate?

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Liz Huber

Fondant Sheeter

I am thinking about purchasing a fondant sheeter. Can some designers let me know what they use and their experiences with it? Thanks Liz

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Liz Huber

Need a cake designer in Houston Texas????

Hello I am in search of a Houston, Texas cake designer willing to make the leopard print inside the cake for a customer. Any Takers?? She needs the cake for December 15th. Let me know

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Cake Resources Website

Hi I’ve been working on a new community focused website called It’s just a test site at the moment but would like some feedback on this from the community. It’s purely community focused, 100% free and aim’s to promote...

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Wedding cake setup

Hi everyone! I’m back looking from some advice. I have a 4 tiers buttercream wedding cake due this Thursday. I am also a guest at the wedding. I am trying to figure out the best way possible to go about it. Should I assemble everything at home...

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Where to buy

Can anyone recommend where to buy supplies from in california. I’m travelling there next year and really need some advise… Thanks

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

How to support a 5 tier cake?

Hi, up to now my cakes have been small enough that bubble tea straws have sufficed but I have a 5 tier wedding cake to do next month and I’m sure the straws just won’t cut it. Should I use wood dowels or poly dowels or would you suggest I use a...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Is SPS cake support system dishwasher safe?

Has anyone put their SPS in the dishwasher to sterilize it? Is is safe or will it warp the plastic? How would you recommend cleaning it? thanks!

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Louis Vuitton decorations

Hey all, Any tips on how to get LV and symbols on cake without freehanding the designs? Stencils or stamps etc? Just trying to figure out the easiest way

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Peacock Bridal Shower cake

Hello fellow cake decorator’s! :D I am looking for some advice on how to make a beautiful peacock cake for a bridal shower… I am looking for any and every suggestions you might have!! Thanks so much!!