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How to make easy gold sequins cake.

Top 5 can't live without them gadgets!

I am absolutely positive that I am any marketeers dream customer! I believe everything they tell me about how this newest gadget is going to save me time, be easy to put the 700 pieces it comes in together in under 30 seconds and make me look...

Easy Tiara Cupcake Toppers

These little cuties are so easy to make, you could even get the little ones to help. The first thing you’ll need is a star cutter with 6 points. The size depends on how big you want the tiara to be. I’ve included a ruler in this picture to give...

World of Wafer #2: MARIANNA’S SPARKLY SPRINKLE WAFER SEQUINS; Original Concept by Marianna Saran

It’s no secret that edible sequins are completely the new fad in cake decorating. I see them popping up on cakes everywhere! One method to create these edible sequins uses a technique of dropping coloured gelatine droplets onto baking paper...

How i make edible brooch for cake.

This video how i make edible brooch for cake & cup cake decorations. TFL.

Shimmer on cake (no airbrush)