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How to make a Surfboard out of fondant

This is my video tutorial of how to make a colorful Surfboard! Enjoy ;)

How to make the Creeper from Minecraft out of fondant

I’m happy to present you my new creation: the Creeper from Minecraft! I’m sure that your kids and who loves videogames knows perfectly who he is! It’s an original and modern cake topper! Enjoy ;)

Lion Topper Tutorial

Hi! I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful! :) xoxoxo :)

Cute sheep tutorial

Scooby Doo and Shaggy Topper Tutorial

Hi All, For a little girl I have sculpted Scooby Doo and Shaggy, she originally wanted the topper described in Debbie Browns book, but I love to challenge myself and tried to let it look more realistic :) The link to the tutorial:...

How to make Marshall Paw Patrol tutorial cake topper fondant sugar paste

Little girl cake topper

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial :) Have a lovely day! Step by step instructions:

General cake decorating tutorials #10: Fondant sheep cake topper on a marzipan cake :)

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There's more to a cake than just the cake!!!

Hello cake addicts! Im new to this site! I’m a addict already lol 1st: pat yourself on the back for everything you do! That’s soooo important in cake decor! 2nd: creativity…..again CREATIVITY!!! Is the key to everything, your mind is never a...

Valentine heart bloom tutorial

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