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hunter cake (gâteau chasseur)

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Doll tutorial temporarily removed

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Disaster strikes #3: I survived the Melbourne photo shoot ........ just

I don’t think I have ever felt as nervous as I did when travelling to the first day of the Myer Emporium Shoot. Having been on countless shoots over the years in Sydney, I have become used to knowing the people I work with. If I didn’t know...

Bodice Tutorial is undergoing changes

Undergoing change

The TORTA method for ganaching a cake

This tutorial is the technique that I came up with that made it easier for me to make sure that I got straight even sides and a completely flat top every time I ganached a cake. The technique I came up with is kind of a mix of the upside...

Upside Down Method for Ganaching

This tutorial will show you how I go about ganaching all my cakes…..this is how I do it…there are plenty of other ways that work as well as other tutorials showing a similar method…I...

Andes Chocolate Mint Ganache

I searched everywhere for a chocolate ganache recipe using Andes mints and really never found a good one. So, I made my own. It set up to a very nice consistency for me and hopefully it will for anyone else who tries it. I figured I’d go ahead...