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Strawberry Sclupted Cake

Hi everyone, I hope you like my new video – how to make a giant strawberry.

Triple-Choc Strawberry Avalanche!

This one is a bit drool-worthy, with a triple chocolate hit and delicious strawberry sauce cascading down onto the plate. Watch the tutorial here and enjoy!



cake recipes #1: No butter victoria sponge cake..... (super quick and easy)

This is an amazing, no butter, light and fluffy victoria sponge cake, that will just melt away in your mouth. Its so quick and easy to make, I’ll make it when I want a super fast dessert for after Sunday lunch…….. Serves 6-8 Ingredients…… 2...

Strawberry Mascarpone Filling

This is a softly sweet filling made from mascarpone which is an Italian cheese made of cream and a citric acid base. Because of that, it enhances sweet flavors and pairs well with fresh fruit. This filling can be used to fill cakes or cupcakes,...